Very Scary DC Red Line Metro Train Crash at Fort Totten

DC Metro Train, originally uploaded by Isaac Gallery.

WJLA reports:

“D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Alan Etter said one train was on top of the other train.

This is “developing into a mass casualty event,” Etter said. “We’re expecting a number of injuries. We’re not aware of any fatalities at this point.”

Hearing that it is a mass casualty event is very scary news. I hope to report more as info becomes available.

UPDATE: From AlertDC

“Metro reports that 2 train collided and one train is on top of the other train. Metro reports massive injuries at this time. The green line and the red line are affected. Further information to follow.”

UPDATE2: @ confirms one fatality.

UPDATE3: Photo of crash can be seen here:

UPDATE4: NBC Washington Reports:

“Passengers are currently still trapped in the trains; emergency workers are using tools to cut them from the wreckage.”

UPDATE5: Here is a very scary photo of the incident.

UPDATE6: NBC Washington has video here.

UPDATE7: Mayor Fenty says 4 fatalities, worst disaster in metro history.

UPDATE8: If you are looking for info on family members please call 202-727-9099.

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  • Zero casualties.

  • P, you spoke way too soon.

  • NBC live video report: 2 confirmed fatalities.

  • This is terrible. I feel sorry for the victims and their family members.

  • They’re still trying to free some bodies from the wreckage. I’m going to guess there may be a few more fatalities by the end of this.

  • 4 confirmed dead right now via Fox 5. 4 others with life threatening injuries.

    It seems like an operator made a terrible error and just slammed his train into another one. There is nothing I can see right now on the news at least that would put the system itself at fault.

  • From the looks in some fotos that was a rail or wheel failure NOT an operator error.
    Retired Rail

  • I just barely caught the train from Silver Spring immediately before this one. Announcements about the crash and delays began as I was transferring to the green/yellow line at Ft. Totten.

  • Where is Jim Graham, has he issued a statement?

  • What is ridiculous is that Metro was calling the problem a “Mechanical Issue” as their reason for the delay. Uh, it is a lot more than a freaking mechanical issue.

    Citizens have the right to know what is going on on Metro and why there are delays. This is not North Korea.

  • Is anyone organizing carpools for tomorrow’s rush hour? Seems like that would be something constructive for the popular local bloggers to do.


  • I was getting on at Shady Grove at 5:45 and all the announcement said was there had been an “incident” and trains were single tracking due to a mechanical failure on the line. There was no mention of the severity of the accident and no announcement that riders may want to make other arrangements to get home. Luckily, I entered just as the delays were over and the train pulled off after 5 minutes and was unnaturally crowded but I just thought it was the usual metro delay.

  • ahh, the wonders of blogging….and the errors.

    the ‘mechanical issue’ that was being announced actually referred to the train that was hit, which had been stuck on the track for almost 10 minutes when the second train it it.

    and Jim Graham was at the news briefing earlier standing right next to Mayor Fenty. I’m sure he’s got more important things to do right now than write statements to bloggers.

  • that should read,


  • God help all of those people. I hope we dont’ find out that the driver of the metro train that slammed into the other one was texting somebody.

  • Just before 9 p.m. channel 7 was still covering the accident and the number of confirmed fatalities is up to 6. My thoughts are with the families, rescue personnel and civil servants working this crash.

  • The train operator was not blogging, Jim Graham needs to show some leadership and make a statement, he is the Metor Board Chair is he not?

  • My husband was just ahead of the one that got hit, and they had to stop for mechanical issues. They stopped for a few minutes, then proceeded very slowly between Takoma and Fort Totten, then back up to normal speed. At least from that, it sounds to me like there was some sort of mechanical issue that could have contributed. What a horrible tragedy, all I can think of is the female train operator voices I hear on the red line, and if it was one of them who lost her life…

  • Thanks for the update Nikki, you have provided more information than the Mayor and Jim Graham

  • wow METOO you need to calm. down. long enough to get the facts straight.

    no one else here is claiming the conductor was blogging. It has been suggested that some of the replies here, on this blog, have been wild speculation and don’t even reflect the facts that have been divulged thus far.

    and one more time for the cheap seats, Graham, as councilman, DID issue a statement several hours ago. It was played live on CNN. Statements on behalf of Metro have been made by the General Manager, who is responsible for the operations of the organizations.

  • I stand corrected, thank you for the clarification Aanonymous, I just want some specific answers from our elected officials. Jim Graham is quick to blame folks for shootings in AM. I will cut him som slack on this tragic accident.

  • I feel really sick inside about this. This is a horrible thing. I am so very very very tired of all the sadness, violence, injury and acrimony in this city.

  • It’s a terrible tragedy and a reminder to all of us not to take any day for granted. That being said, we all need to plan for tomorrow. Have they announced the magnitude of the delays? Should we drive to DC from MD or just take metro and expect a big delay?

  • FYI: “Another Metro representative said commuters should avoid the Red Line on Tuesday, as well. Trains will not be running in the area of the crash, but will be operating elsewhere on the Red Line.”

  • Further investigations will still be made as to the cause of the accident. There were a lot of people injured since the incident happened during peak hours. We

  • Anyone have any information of victim’s funds etc?

  • The Archdiocese of Washington has said a memorial service will be held Friday, downtown, no details at this time.

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