The Return of Trees Bearing Fruit!

DSCN0432, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

These trees make me so happy. Particularly when they are found on very urban streets. This one is from 13th Street, NW. Be sure to send me photos of your fruit trees if you have some.



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  • There is a fig tree growing smack dab in the outdoor seating of Veranda. I asked if I could pick some when they ripen and they said yes.

  • A buddy of mine had a peach tree and a fig tree in his (tiny) front yard in Adams Morgan. Both were prolific fruit producers and brought happiness to everyone. The critical thing is to prune these trees in the off-season and then to have a ladder on-hand for when they fruit. Otherwise, you’ll have a bunch of mushy, fermenting fruit on the ground or walkway and a ton of yellow jackets and lord knows what else to deal with.

  • May I suggest posting these on Especially if the owners don’t mind… it’s a neat little idea of a site!

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