Tattoos of the Week


It’s funny as I was admiring the one above I said it reminded me of a Russian nesting doll and she said, no that’s on the other arm:


It was done by Tattoo Paradise at 2441 18th Street, NW.

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  • I was thinking about going to Tattoo Paradise, and now I’m sold. Beautiful work. Hey POP, if you can, I think it’d be really helpful if you could also include the name of the artist. But thanks! The tattoo of the week feature is a great idea.

  • I’ll be honest — I usually hate the Tattoos of the Week feature because most of them look so stupid, contrived, and/or ill-considered, and as opposed to GDoN houses or bashing on crew violence, it seems rather rude and personal to comment in the negative on them. So I’m not doing that here — I sort of like these. Original art, I’m actually curious about the underlying meaning, and the tats are executed pretty well. So good job, Tattoo Paradise, and whoever’s arms these are.

  • ^^blah..blah..blah

  • You know, I have a tat that is sometimes visible, and people are always walking up and asking me what the meaning behind it is… And it always feels like someone’s just walked up to me and said “so why do you wear your hair like that?” or something.
    Eh. Whatever.

  • oh – and Divine – I just looked on Tattoo Paradise’s site and the top tattoo there is in Matt Knopp’s portfolio.

  • You know, if you don’t want the attention, you probably shouldn’t have gotten the tattoo. Just sayin’.

  • horrid horrid horrid

  • Tattoos…how mainstream.

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