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She got this tattoo in while stationed in Hawaii with the Navy. She wanted a tough looking pin up girl with the US Flag incorporated. The Chinese characters above translate into “Honor, Courage, and Commitment”.

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  • Damn…makes me think I shoulda invested in tattoo removal. Imagine that little star-spangled honey in 30 or 40 years when the canvas is no longer a 20-something hipster’s semi-taught tricep but a granny’s full-on “bingo wing.”

  • So she’s honored by, courageous for, and committed to…China?

  • You guys are mean. That tattoo is hot.

  • Mac, your comment is hands down the funniest thing I have read in a long while. Well done, sir.

  • not a fan of the tattoo, but mac, making that trite “in 30 or 40 yrs what will it look like” comment, is just so… ugh… who the fuck cares. when you’re that old, nothing will look good on ones aging/decrepid body. at least you’ll have fun markings on that droopy, shriveling skin that will lend itself to some story-telling…….

  • Nice. And i’m not talking about the tattoo.

  • an old girlfriend of mine used to have the chinese characters tattoo. she thought it said “willing to try anything” – i always figured they just threw some random letters that looked cool on there and told her it meant that. i mean, how much mandarin does a tattoo artist in Harrisburg know?

  • im a bit confused by the chinese characters as well…. was it part of the american pin-up girl tattoo? is she part chinese?

  • I’m not too impressed with the artist either…it looks a little weird to me. In my opinion there are very few artists that can render people (pin ups/family members/etc) as a tattoo successfully.

  • Not in love with the design, but the chinese characters were rendered nicely. however i’ve said it before – don’t trust the tattoo artist to know what he’s writing. I met a girl with chinese characters that she thought said ‘beautiful princess’ but it actually said ‘beautiful chicken’ … and chicken is slang for prostitute.

  • It might be trite, the in ’30 or 40 years’ bit, but it’s trite for a reason

  • The girl is a bit weird as well as the Chinese symbols placed next to her. Actually, she’s not tough, I don’t know why, but she reminds me of a janitor. Probably because of her bandana – or whatever it is. I don’t think it to be a good choice if that was her first tattoo.

  • Forget 30-40 years … file this one under “regrettable decision” now. This is the reason parents encourage their kids not to get tattoos on spring break.

  • This tattoo may be as close to violating the Flag Code as you can get, assuming that it isn

  • She was born on the crest of a wave and rocked in the cradle of the deep. It’s a Navy thing. You wouldn’t understand. Nice ink job, shipmate. FYI, Hawaii is part the Pacific Fleet which includes most of Asia hence Chinese characters. effing land lovers……

  • saf

    “Lubbers.” That should be “lubbers.” Not “lovers.”

  • “She was born on the crest of a wave and rocked in the cradle of the deep.”

    The stories we tell ourselves…

  • nice. thank you saf. i did not know.

  • Why doesn’t anyone make these comments about saggy arms when there are pictures of arm tats on men?

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