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I thought I had put up a different sign from this same spot a while back but I can’t seem to find it. So it turns out this spot has a Web site:

“Louis’ Rogue has one of the largest main stages in Washington, DC. The finest Washington has to offer, we have two main stages and personal stage dances, along with pool tables, video games and 42″ plasma TVs with Direct TV satellite. Located just four blocks from the DC Convention Center, Gallery Place Metro and MCI Arena, we offer alcohol, beer, snacks, food, drinks and dancing.”

It’s located at 476 K Street NW.

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  • I’ve been to the Rogue on a few occasions. It’s quite a nasty little place, up there with the Skylark. It’s very graphic and in your face. It’s the polar opposite to Camelot. If you like stretch marks and needle marks, you’ll love this place.

  • Sorry PoP, I fail to see the sweetness in that old city sign.

  • Back in the mid-to late 80s, this was a gay bar. It even had, before my time, male nude dancers a la Secrets or the old La Cage, Rascals, and Chesapeake House. I was in high school/college at the time and the immediate neighborhood was way too scary for me to venture there. At some point, the bar changed from gay to straight. Back in the mid-90s, they hosted the infamous “Sweat Parties” on a couple of occasions as private events. Fun, fun, fun. Too much fun that anyone should be allowed to have.

    If the bar turned gay again and continued to be a dive but with male nude dancers, any vacant units in Madrigal Lofts, Yale, CityVista would be bought up real fast. Maybe even the Doomont would finally come on line.

  • If you like your “dancers” smoking blunts out on the sidewalk before jumping on stage, you’ll love this spot.

  • That website is pretty boss too.

  • I am gonna swallow my embarassment and say tht I have actually ventured into this place when I first moved here. I had no idea but I wanted to look tough and stayed for a Bud. The women were attractive ( more or less) and butt naked, no food, and i never moved from the bar or roamed around because i was scared sh**less of what kind of patrons I might make eye contact with accidently. One thing I did get a kick out of were the surly Jersey lady bartenders. They were a hoot.

  • Isn’t this directly across the street from the City Vista and the new Busboys and Poets? If so, I hardly think anyone is “smoking blunts” on the sidewalk between shifts. I also think the character of the clientele and dancers will soon change (or has changed, who knows, I’ve never been there and probably very few people here have) as the neighborhood around it changes with them. That is, until Jim Graham lies to them and they leave (“we want to building something with taxpayer money there for some private group, so why don’t you guys just move and we’ll find another place in the city for you…..not”).

  • There are ALWAYS cops there so safety not an issue inside. For every 5 average dancers there is one dancer who is a 9 – 10. It is out of the way so you can enter discreetly 😉

  • A friend brought me there in 1998 for what I thought was a bar … Sully has it right. His comment really made me laugh … dirty glassware, Hells Angels, Thugs, and pregnant ladies. ’nuff said. Yeesh. Needless to say this guy was no longer my friend after this little event.

  • It is my understanding that this business is just waiting to sell to someone who is ready to develop the entire block. There is the expectation that a large building will go in that incorporates the existing architecture.

  • So glad you posted this:) I’ve been in DC for 7 years and get a little jealous of other cities’ excellent seedy strip bar signs when we travel. It’s great to read the posts of folks who’ve patronized this establishment over the years.

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