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Another sign lover seems to have salvaged this sign. I saw it in someone’s yard on Sherman Ave. It says “Mad T Music Box”. They have to get hooked up again. I bet it looks super fresh with the neon shining. Anyone know where this sign came from? A former DC spot?

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  • Mad T Music Box was a record store that, until a few years ago, was on the east side of 14th Street just north of U, approximately where Marvin and the Gibson are now. Never went in there — it was not the type of place that would carry my soft rock favorites.

  • And the sign is in his yard.

  • The place looked like an refurb Waxie Maxie’s from the outside.

    I remembered walking into the store and overcomed by incense smell.

    They had a really good selection of R&B and rap CD’s as well as a WHOLE WALL of vinyl. PoP would have been in heaven or hell.

    The best part about the store is that it had a good number of local artists.

    Who recalls the “Wall Of Fame” across from the counter? Really cool and so DC.

  • Mad T music box was at 14th and U Streets, NW — in the same spot the Gibson now calls home. The Gibson even kept the same roll up security gate on the windows and door that Mad T used – except now the window gate is always rolled down.

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