Some Sweet Garage Graffiti

DSCN9620, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I think this one looks great. Do you consider this graffiti or art?

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  • Simple answer…It is Graffiti Art

  • It’s art if the owner of the garage asked for it to be painted. it’s graffitti if the owner didn’t give anyone permission to do it.

  • the police would view it as vandalism if the owner doesn’t give permission. what if this artists work was featured in the smithsonian institution? then what?

  • Definitely art. Wow… this is an amazingly well-done piece.

  • I’m curious as to why this particular style of graffiti hasn’t changed much since the 70’s. Of course I know there are subtlties I’m missing, like the intricate vocal tones of wombat calls, but basically it all looks pretty much the same. Is that the point? Like all those Byzantine saints and Thomas Kinkaid cottages look alike? I’ve seen lots of interesting contemporary graffiti/art in a variety of styles around the world, but these fat bubble letters seem to dominate around here. Any insights?

  • Call me un-cultured, but PoP, it appears this blog glorifies vandalism.

    To others, if you’re garage or building is vandalized, the city will repaint it (very basic colors) for free and with in a few days. I’ve had to call 311 about three times for our garage door.

  • This whole scene reminds me of DC during the Marion Barry years – graffitti, weeds, crumbling infrastructure. No thank you!

  • Thanks PoP. Glad you stumbled upon this and liked it.

    Stemming from the comments, I think it’s interesting how and what people view as art. Some people hear ‘graffiti’ and immediately write it off as vandalism. I agree that there are some that choose to make a mess and destroy things, but there is another part of graffiti that is focused on creating.

    Others seem to view graffiti as art, but only if permission is involved. I’ve never fully understood this enigma. Say I painted this spot above without the owner’s permission one night. In context, this would be viewed as vandalism and not art. But say the next day the owner opened his garage and loved what he saw and wanted to keep it. Has this now magically transformed to art, because it is approved or is it still just vandalism?

    I think if a viewer is determining if something is art or not, no matter what it is, their emotion and reaction should be a guide and ‘permission’ should not be a parameter. I think what people have trouble coming to terms with, is that graffiti is art, it’s just often illegally placed.

    I guess it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. Thankfully at least, someone didn’t spout off this has to do with gangs.

    Don’t worry though, I had permission to do this spot and the owners were happy. It’s been there for many months without controversy.

  • So say you paint without the owners “permission” would you also leave your name and phone number in case the owner actually doesn’t like it and wants you to come back and paint over it?

    Does anybody get to paint on anybody’s property if they think it’s art?

  • You can do anything you want in life, but there are always consequences to your actions.

    I’m not advocating or condoning painting all over people’s personal property. I’ve found it easier to knock on a door, have a conversation and get permission. Don’t get me wrong, I love graffiti, but there’s some that I’d rather not see.

    My comment was in response to the question of ‘graffiti or art’ and how it’s generally all seen as vandalism. Some people are closed-minded, some are angry from dealing with incessant tagging. Without knowing from this photo if the graffiti was permission based, it seemed to fall into a gray area for people wanting to respond if it was art or not. Or if the city should be called to buff it.

    The question wasn’t is this legal or illegal; which sadly people seem to want answered prior to approaching their feelings on if this is art. I think that’s unfortunate.

  • what does it say?

    Or are those not letters but just random scribbles?

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