Some Caribbean Day Parade Photos For Ya


Well a reader couldn’t wait until Monday so here ya go. How was your experience? I didn’t stay for the mud people this year but my favorite part was still the big 18 wheelers filled with speakers. So good. Submit your photos of the parade via email or to the PoPville flickr pool here.


This year the street was more closed off than last year but after a while the barricades were crossed.


I’m not sure what part of the caribbean these folks were representing:



Lot of amazing costumes of course:


Lots more after the jump.






Mayor Fenty represents:


Council Member Bowser really represents:


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  • Why was it 90 minutes late (more or less)? The kiddies were restless and ultimately we had to move down several blocks to the FIVE GUYS to shut them up w/burgers…

  • When is anything in the Caribbean on time?

  • Love the mud people! the speakers on the big trucks were so loud i could hear them without my C.I. believe me, that’s LOUD. fenty has one fine throwing arm! everyone had a good time, and nobody got shot. great day in the neighborhood!!

  • PoP thanks for the pictures of the caribbean day festival. Clocks don’t normally work in the caribbean:) I love the mud band, I just got out of the shower, lots of mud on me. Time to eat a big ROTI

  • Really, DC? Close off a major thoroughfare so a bunch of fat chicks can strutt their stuff? MY eyes are just now recovering for the assault. Big WTF to this event

  • Typical anglo reaction, why the jab at the fat chicks, no body in the caribbean wants a skinny chick. “Meat is for a man a bone is for a dog”.

  • Yea Anonymous 851pm WTF back at ya. This is part of the community. If this bugs/bores you, there’s always fat soccer moms strutting their cellulite out in the burbs in the strip malls…lol

  • Besides being late, as in the past years, you have to wait 20min between each group… I guess that’s a way to stretch it into a several hour event, but boy does it get old having to wait and wait and wait…. I really would prefer them to be spaced closer to each other. Still, not bad at all and certainly more fun than the average Saturday in the neighborhood!

  • LOL @ you Yankees complaining.

    It was decent this year, and there were plenty of Skinny Minnies as well as Large Marges in the parade.

  • I don’t so much mind the parade, although I guess it ain’t true “everyone loves a parade.” What I did mind was not a single mention in the papers on road closure, not a single mention on WTOP traffic reports (until late today), not a single sign announcing the road closre, not a single mention of any kind of detour to get form east to west. That’s the WTF? This thing pretty much ruined my day Come on City gov and MPD, can’t you my a signboard up on Missouri Ave announcing the closure with an alternative route?

  • I can’t be the only one who was annoyed that this literally prohibited us from crossing GA ave for hours (thereby basically trapping us on our block), then after GA was re-opened basically just turned into a loud, unruly block party.

    I knew Carribean Fest was happening; I had no idea GA ave would be closed and that police wouldn’t even let me (on foot) cross. . Incredibly annoying.

  • Steve and K — stop being little bitches. it one day to celebrate the cultural diversity of a very important segment of our community. Your kind of behavior leads to everyone having a bad imporssion of DC’s new WP. Grow UP WPsp

  • Ditto on Fenty’s throwing arm!

  • Loved it. We were near the end (@ Girard) – so really had to wait for things to make their way down to us. But in the meantime there was PLENTY to keep us occupied on the sidewalks. Lots of fun.

  • Island Dealer – I love diversity as much as the next guy and have not problem with the parade, but you can’t cut off East from West like that without an alternative. There are folks who live east of Georgia and had appointments west of Georiga. All I am saying is MDP and the city could have thought about the impacts to transportation and tried to get the word out just a little more.

    And don’t be rude. It makes you seem like a jerk.

  • Falun Gong, they join up in almost every parade in DC

  • Not complaining that the event exists at all… i like the celebration of culture. Not a big fan of parades, so skipped it this year although we live only a few blocks away. So, we decided to head out to the VA strip malls for some retail therapy. My wife went to the PSA meeting this past week so she could get caught up on the road closures and other safety concerns for the event. They said GA Ave. would only be closed up to Missouri Ave. This is the police department, not just some community group, that said this! We tried crossing GA Ave. about 2 blocks north of Missouri and we had to keep going north because we couldn’t cross until Piney Branch!!! I have no problem with public events (lived downtown near mall for a long time so used to road closures), but the police have to be better at telling neighborhood folks what should be expected. Come on!!

  • “And don’t be rude. It makes you seem like a jerk.”

    Jerk Chicken?????

  • Chris C. – Don’t care for the fat soccer moms either. To me, it is selfish to promote one’s own values/preferences/culture at the expense of the majority well-being. That parade was extremely distruptive to alot of people, which now makes me think negatively of its proponents. Just as it would be selfish and wrong of me to issue a complete moratorium on noise because I prefer quiet and the ability to get from Point A to Point B unrestricted. It is all about compromise and yesterday was all about selfishness.

  • Hmm, all you had to do to deal w/ Georgia Ave being closed is use North Capitol, or 5th or Kansas to go north of Missouri and then go west. Use North Capitol St to go south before going west. I agree if you had no idea it was happening it would be a pain…but I feel like there was plenty of advance notice as long as you weren’t living under a rock.

  • This thing has been going on the last Saturday of June every year since I’ve been in DC. Did that many people REALLY just move here in the last 11 months? Seriously, welcome to Petworth, and now you’ll know next year.

  • @ Anon…pleas stop w/the whining and crying. It was for ONE DAY , oh gosh. As much as we have had other cultures shoved down our throats for generations (to the point of extinction for many of ours), I can’t believe the SELFISH ARROGANCE of someone like u to talk! Majority of exactly what well being? You’d think we were spreading a plague putting your obviously elite life @ risk. Perhaps if there were more true cultural understanding and acceptance, we Caribs wouldn’t feel so hard pressed to “promote” what is left of our own culture, at the expense of your precious peace and quiet but I know that has never occurred to you.

  • As a daily reader of the Washington Post, I can say that since Wednesday there has been something in there daily warning that GA Ave. would be closed Saturday and Sunday from Missouri Ave. to Barry Place. Don’t blame the city or the WP for not telling you the road would be closed.

  • Steve Says:
    June 28th, 2009 at 9:48 am

    I am not being rude, this celebration of westindian culture is very important to the DC cultural diversity. Why are you so upset, if you don’t like being inconveinenced for one day, just move to Harpers Ferry WA. enough already. Don’t you have a GPS on your horse and cart, or do you want DC to be just white. The Pride parade also caused some transportation problems, but I deal with it because I also think the Pride day is also important to the fabric of the city. We are not going anyware you can move back to your surburban community.

  • The ‘Alert DC’ system also had many early announcements as well as up-to-the-minute texts/emails of specific closures & reopenings of specific sections of GA Ave. You can sign up for them here:

    Seriously – it’s summer in DC. There are road closures all over the city almost every weekend. The Alert DC system isn’t perfect, but does a great job of keeping us informed.

  • Nice day, nice parade, and yet people still find something to bitch about. I love what PoP does for the community, but a significant minority of commenters kill me every time.

  • It was a fun parade…btw, stay tuned for OjO Latino on the Parade!!!!!

  • Missouri Ave has usually been the legit crossing point, but it was closed this year. I have no problem with the parade, but it would be nice if the *specific* info was better distributed.

  • Didn’t there use to be a Georgia Ave Day?

  • Ahoy, Nick, it’s a great parade every year !

    It takes effort to be positive.

    And a concerted, sustained effort to stay positive.

    In any community, most any group, at work or play, the fault finders well outnumber the positive.

    I’ve swept my street, curb, and alley for decades while others watch. Most common criticism: why do it if in two days it’s going to be the same. Funny.

    On this same street, I’ve excavated and dug down deep for a year, started from scratch and built five levels above while others watched. Some second guessed and criticized every step along the way: Why spend so much to construct your building with steel and devote so much time and resources in finer details for the long term when you don’t have to ?

    It’s the nature in some. I’ve found that too many just aren’t doers, and while more educated, just haven’t accomplished much with their own lives and most likely won’t so long as they choose to stay negative bringing down others.

    They are often passed over when it comes to a promotion at work. The negative can’t lead, nor accomplish much.

    Ain’t much fun to be around with either at play, or at a wonderful, joyous parade like this either.

    I continue to write and contribute to our Prince here who can walk 20 miles in a day, write, download pictures, sustain advertisers, and get up the next day and bring us more while some complain when he can’t recall an address.

    Yes, it takes a concerted, sustained effort to stay positive when you’re a doer, a builder -when you’re outnumbered by the negative that surrounds you and we could well afford to do the same easily in little sweat Spring Valley or Georgetown, yet choose not to.

    Reformed Somali Pirate “Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi”

  • Thank you Reformed Somali Pirate Says
    spoken like a true reformed priate, be careful don’t get shot:)

  • The crowd barriers this year were a bit of a drag.
    If chaos is the nature of the thing, I say let there be chaos, dammit!
    Aint no such thing as a safe freakout.
    The whining is pretty amusing.

    I’m no carib., yet I love the hell out of this thing every year. Also good to see where all the DC futbol fans are hiding… Some happy Brasil supporters out there…

  • I don’t mind folks showing cultural pride, however every year I have to decide whether I leave the neighborhood for most of the day or stay trapped in my house for most of the day.

    I also don’t appreciate nonresidents parking in my little block and not allowing the residents to park near their homes. And let us not forget the TRASH! Sure they pick up the trash on GA Ave but what of the side streets where all those folks decide to dump their soda, beer, and chicken carcassas? My street is filthy and who has to clean that up?

  • Wow. I can’t believe some of the absolutely selfish, self-centered, asinine comments on this thread about the festival and parade. I’m sorry that some of you were late for your oh so pressing Saturday “appointments,” but this is ONE DAY A YEAR and celebrates the cultural heritage of a group of people that were in this neighborhood long before you got here.

    The one draw back this year, as Intangible Arts last said, were the barriers. There weren’t any fights, and fires, and other than the horrid filthy trash that you had to lay your eyes on, it was a successful event.

    Please, for the love of God, lighten up a little people.

  • @ Steve and K and Anons complaining about road closures…get on the DDOT listserv! They send handy emails updating on all road closures throughout the day. Closures due to Races, Parades, electrical failures, water main bursts, movie filming, etc. It is very handy!

    My sister came up to hang out and while yes she ended up driving around and around for a bit because she didn’t know about the parade, it really isn’t that big a deal. The parade starts at one point and ends at another, you just have to drive around one of the ends to get some where. The idea that you are literally “trapped” in your house is stupid. Also, if you are on PoP complaining about this parade, well he posted about it a week in advance as well!

    While I missed the parade this year, last year was so much fun! I am glad we have parades like this and Pride where people can all get together to celebrate. Who cares if you aren’t gay or if you aren’t from the Carribean, it is still a great time to get out and meet your fellow DC residents and experience something different from time to time!

  • The parade is great fun, but the trash left behind by Maryland and Virginia residents is terrible. Why can’t the mayor’s perpetually fucked-up student summer jobs program put all 20,000 kids on the streets cleaning up the trash for a change?

  • Get over it. The parade is only one day a year that happens to be one of the most entertaining events in the city. It’s always best to move into a neighborhood and become a part of it, not to just move in and complain about everything that you are not use to. Move to Dupont Circle if the Caribbean Carnival is too much for you. Oh I forgot, then you have to worry about the Gay Pride Parade. I guess you complainers are fucked regardless.

    See you and all of the hundreds of thousands of people next year!!! 🙂

    PS: I’ll look forward to all of of the complaints about all of the illegal fireworks as the 4th approaches. Welcome to the city!!!

  • Vonstallin

    WOW…and people wonder why the “Old Gaurd” don’t want the “New Gaurd” to move in.

    The Festival have been going on long before petworth/Columbia H became the “IN” place to be.

    I don’t get some of you guys/gals….how can you be a part of this community and not know whats going on and when? This even is decades old.

    Everyone knows Georgia Ave is cut off.
    It’s one of the biggest events in DC and bring in revenue and exposure.

    For a violent free event im sort of shock at the complaining going on.

    I normaly have my arms wide open for the “New Breed” moving into my area…
    At the same time this kind of response makes me wish for things to stay the same.

    I now wonder…
    If this was the Irish or italian american day parade…would we get the same response?

  • Amigo Vonstallin, the Italian Day was yesterday downtown, I couldnt go (I was working and, Im sorry amici italiani, but gimme a Caribbean Parade everyday!!!). I have not read ONE complaint about that one, either here or in any other blog and whathaveyou….

  • I fall squarely between the two camps in this argument. I was aware of the parade ahead of time and had even considered going. I appreciate the celebration of cultural awareness, yadda, yadda, and its hard to beat the good times found in a neighborhood brough together through food, friends, and various festivities.

    That said, the parade totally slipped my mind and, consiquently, I was rather annoyed when it caused me to miss brunch with friends due to the extra traffic trying to get around the parade and lack of pedestrian access across the parade route. I’ll live to eat brunch another day, just wish I had planned accordingly.

    Furthermore, PoP, can we please get rid of the Anonymous postings? It takes a minute at MOST to set up a handle that grants as much or as little anonymity as the user desires. If someone wants to sound off on a neighborhood blog they should have to stand up to the feedback, postive & negative, that their comments provoke from the bloggerazzi.

  • My 2 cents: Life is beautiful even with perceived annoyances.
    Be grateful that even with the street closures et al, you did make it safely home.
    I’ve noticed that if people are late to an appointment, brunch or any other function, it tends to make for a good story. How boring would life be if everything ran too smoothly.

    Life is beautiful. and so are all involved in the festival…. It was a success…

  • I don’t mean to berate Steve, K and Anon but SERIOUSLY! You should really do a bit of research before you move to a neighborhood and start complaining about a major tradition in this city. If you really don’t like it then leave!!! Many of the people who come to this parade either did or still do live in “your” neighborhood (they are not all coming in from other places) or have owned businesses in this neighborhood for years. My boyfriend’s father for example owned a restaurant for 20 years near the Petworth metro and every year we go down with his family and sit in front of the old building to watch the parade. Also the parade used to be significantly restricted and there were no barriers etc. it is because of people like you complaining that the parade has become so restricted and you can’t cross the fing street!

    Side Note: The other weekend my friend met a girl who asked why there are no tanning salons in Petworth….give me a break!

  • Great weather only one person to thank for that…good music, great diversity, and best of all no conflicts. Pretty good considering the crowd. Only one slightly negative comment…the barricades along the street casued an unsafe crowding along the side walks. I see the need but perhaps sestting them out at least a half a lane on each side would ease the foot traffic. Also adding a stroller lane might be a good idea for next year.

  • hey no vonstallin, some of us who like the parade are newbies! 🙂

  • hey now vonstallin, some of us who like the parade are newbies! 🙂

  • hey now vonstallin, some of us who like the parade are newbies! 🙂

  • hmm…that’s odd…

  • Wow at some of these comments…Anon, you must be one of those whites I see in my neighborhood trying to white out the place. Please go hold a corner somewhere and as far as the trash on your street..go out there and clean that mess up yourself! Just that simple! Obviously you don’t know how to get around the GA/Petworth Neighborhood, bout trapped in, LMAO for real! I guess you will be one of the many crackers that try to keep the parade from happening next year. Instead of crying about the street closure, should ask a neighbor to show you how to get around. You are in Chocolate City…get used to culture and stop the damn crying

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