Skateboarders Hit 14th Street and End Up at BBQ and Ramps at 14th and W Streets, NW

skateboard2, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending. It turns out the event was sponsored by Red Bull.

Side Note: I had received some Scuttlebutt that the space was going to become a bar/restaurant with outdoor seating. Sadly, I’ve been told those negotiations are no longer being pursued.

So I’m glad to see the space is getting good use.



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  • skateboarding is the first nail in the coffin of hip hop.
    Rock Band is the second.

    In 10 years there will be no shootings in CH at all.

  • Saw dozens skating down the sidewalk on 14th and dozens more w/ skateboard in hand converging on Palace 5. Was a wonderful site.

  • saw dozens running from cops on horseback, skating on statues and memorials, littering, smoking, and generally furthering the stereotype that skater kids are punks.

    was a wonderful sight.

  • Was in my office that faces 14th Street and heard this noise…like a giant wasp was hovering over the city, then horns honking. Ran to the window and sure enough! Hundreds of skateboarders. It was a pretty cool sight to watch from above.

  • TonyS on top of the littering, being pains in the asses, I also saw a lot of drinking in public. The skaters were driving me nuts on Sunday. They blocked all of the sidewalk on 14th between W and Florida for a while … maybe I’m an old crotchety 20 something but when you’re just trying to get from one point to another it’s annoying.

  • It was just nice to see some many different people coming together to enjoy something they had in common. In this neighborhood, I hope to see more of this, even if it means crossing the street to accommodate the good time.

  • I thought they were amusing until I was almost run over by a group of them on the U St. Metro platform…

  • skateboarding is not a crime!

    anything dc kids are doing that doesn’t involve guns or knives is great in my book. i skated when i was in junior high and high school. it was always very frustrating to be looked upon by “adults” as somehow delinquent when in fact skaters tended to get into less trouble than other kids. you can’t skate well if you’re drunk or high.

  • Support your local skateboarders! This was an excellent event that only added to a vibrant city on a beautiful day. Anyone who doesn’t view this event as helping make this city a great place to live is an uptight nerd who needs to move back to the suburbs where they were born. Don’t lie. You know you weren’t born here. If you were, you’d know how to relax and let others enjoy themselves by taking part in a great sport and great ride. The kids were having a great time and not harming anyone or anything. If you can’t support that, then you’re just a loser and should be ashamed of yourself. Thank you to whoever put that event together.

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