Shots Fired on Crittenden Thursday Night


Per a reader’s request please see a response from Council Member Bowser:

“Shots fired. No victims discovered. MPD. Investigating. See the report from 4d. Below:

4d units on the scene of 5th and Crittenden in reference to the sounds of gunshots. Shell casings were located and units stopped a vehicle matching the lookout of a fleeing vehicle. There are no reports of property damage and we do not have any personal injuries. The investigation is continuing. As always, if anyone has any information in reference to this event, please call 202-727-9099 or 1-888-919-crim(e).”

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  • I’m at 5th and Allison and heard the shots. The shots were spaced out and without any pattern. Now that I know there was no victim/damage found, I’m wondering if it was a group of kids “experimenting” with a gun. It didn’t have the intense, directed staccato sound of a gun being fired at someone. It’s sad that I feel like I’d know what that sounds like.

  • Is there any publicly available record of “sounds of gunshots” reports or ShotSpotter alerts over the past few months? I feel like it’s been significantly higher than in the past.

  • I’m at 5th and Buchanan but I didn’t hear any of the shots (I guess the foam insulation we had installed on Tuesday really does worK0. I only became aware of the situation when I went downstairs to make dinner and saw a couple of cruisers stationed in the alley between Crittenden and Buchanan. My wife walked by the scene and reported that MPD had taped off a significant section of 5th and an area around a house on the block. I also saw officers walking up to the back of said house, though I couldn’t tell if they went inside.

    This is obviously just hearsay, but one of my next door neighbors (who has lived on the street for almost two decades) has said on a number of occasions that one of the houses (presumably the one noted above) is a major drug house. Assuming he is correct, hopefully this incident will lead to the end of activity out of that house.

    It’s really a shame that this happened, as this particular part of the neighborhood has generally been pretty peaceful…

  • The shots were not “spaced out.” They were rapid fire in succession. the bullet casings were numbered within three yards of each other. Police found blood on the grass but no victim was found.

  • I just called the anonymous tip line–THE VOICE MAILBOX IS FULL!!

    I’m not joking. I was unable to leave a message.

  • Man,, who wants to go shooting people in the rain. Why don’t they act like normal delinquents and wait for the nice weekend to arrive.

  • It has been surprisingly quiet in PW/CH. I guess the rain has kept the gangsters indoors. For one thing, the rain is bad on their new sneakers. Who wants to get their new sneakers muddied gunning down some fool?

  • I’m on 4th and Delafield and didn’t hear a thing. I thought I knew what a gun shot sounded like but this is the second time i’ve been home when shots were fired within a few block radius of my house and didn’t hear it at all. It had to been pretty early in the evening as I was going out to the grocery store probably around 7:30 pm and saw all the cop cars and 5th + Crittenden being closed down.

  • Yeah, I’ve always been so surprised about that drug house considering that cop lives right there.

  • I just called the MPD vice unit and complained about the drug house. Then I called Councilmember Bowser’s office. If we just complain to each other on these blogs, nothing will ever change.

    The cop who lives on that block clearly represents the worst that MPD has to offer. He doesn’t care.

  • “The cop who lives on that block clearly represents the worst that MPD has to offer. He doesn

  • Matt–It’s not a stupid thing to say. People do drugs on that house’s porch–weed and more–in broad daylight. there is an elementary school at the end of the block.

    What stupid is allowing police officers to take home MPD SUVs when those officers don’t care about drug deals going on in broad daylight on the sidewalk three yards from the SUV–on a regular basis. That’s stupid.

    We D.C. taxpayers should expect and demand more.

  • Matt, you are making excuses for pure laziness. You are an enabler. Look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a failure.

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