Shooting on 300 Block of Emerson, NW Late Friday Night/Saturday Morning

marking bullets, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A reader writes:

“There was a shooting on my block last night around 4am. A guy was shot in the leg and several cars got bullet holes or busted windows. There were eight shots, fairly random. No idea what caused it or what happened. After hearing the noise, I went to the window and saw nothing–no fleeing people or cars. The guy who was shot was half way down an alley when the cops found him.

No shots went into houses. Neighbors who have lived here fifteen years are saying that nothing like this has happened on our street in their time here.”

Shortly after shooting, victim in ambulance

busted window on benz

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  • Eight random shots at 4 am, its going to be a long summer 🙁

  • Wow. Choices are : a. a domestic shooting b. black wannabee gangstas c. Hispanic wannabee gangstas d. Jim Graham fans blowing off steam.

  • This is just terrible. I was at home depot today buying things I need to fix up my house prior to it going on the market.

  • 🙂 @ Neener
    How much are you selling your house for, I am looking to buy in DC.

  • @ Frankie- choices are a) drugs b) drugs c) drugs and d) money. The end.

  • I live at 4th & Emerson. I sleep in the rear of my house which backs up to 3rd & Emerson. I immediately woke up and got on the floor when I heard the gunshots. I swear it sounded like a freaking CANNON was being shot.

    Frankie, in this neighborhood, no wanna be Hispanic gangster is going to come over on 3rd and Emerson and shoot anyone. We have had a problem out of the black men hanging out on 3rd St. for at least the last 7 years. When my mom (a 58 y/o woman) comes to visit, she walks the long way to the store to avoid them. My mom has seen the height of the civil rights movement growing up in Alabama. Yet, she will tell you that the KKK had nothing on these black men, in terms of instilling fear.

    The sad part is that they are not young men. Some of the guys I see around there are at least 30y/o. Shiftless, unemployed, babymaking, hyperaggressive young black men. And the women are just as bad.

  • This is just ridiculous… our neighborhood should be respected by the people who live/work/play in it. If people want to shoot each other, go out in the woods and deal with your anger issues. Don’t endanger other lives and and property. It really isn’t fair. Brightwood is a quiet, working class neighborhood of DC. Neighbors rise up! Tell these “shiftless, unemployed, babymaking, hyperagressive” people to get lost or get a job!

  • Petworth/Brightwood is indeed a great neighborhood and there is much love and beauty here. I am saddened about this event. Neener, you’ve got to do what you have got to do, and I understand, but I will *not* be selling my house because of this one incident. This is where I live and have raised my family. I am committed.

    Any efforts at “rising up” would need to be completely united (we are not there, read this list and that is clear) and would require great bravery. People get targeted and that is when they crack. I don’t blame anyone. Especially when they have young men in their homes. We have to protect young men.

    I would love to hear ideas on how we could turn this around without dividing us. The discussions about unemployed and racial stereotyping are pointless in that they do not get at the issue. There is money to be made, people are making it, and they can without much of a challenge because it’s so easy to divide people and instill fear.

    Peace y’all.

  • I’ve been seeing more cops on scooter beats recently, and not just in downtown/on the hill but over here in NE. Last summer we saw frequent bike patrols. I would get rid of even those mechanized modes of transport and get cops back on walking beats. Definitely good to get them OUT of their cars, but how’s a cop going to have a normal interaction with kids, teens, and the community by wizzing by on a scooter, or in a pack of bikes. I think real community policing will get to the heart of the matter, such that cops are in the communities, hanging around, talking to the people, and knowing what is really going on. It may still take a good long while for the 4am random stuff to go away, but if all communities in the area (including PG county!) did this, I can’t see how it couldn’t have an impact. And have these beat cops also share insights with the community and economic development community/institutions/officials.

  • Ahoy !

    What’s community policing ?

    -Just old-school police work, really.

    Cops on the beat, walking in pairs, every day.

    After roll call on each shift, they march out of the district station in pairs, all of them, and the squad cars stay in the garage.

    Two cops walking up and down streets can walk an entire PSA in an 8 hour shift, alleys included.

    Too, cold; stomp your feet.

    That’s police presence on a regualr basis.

    It breeds and strengthens neighborhood and territorial familiarity and awareness for everyone.

    Without it the scofflaws gain ground and feel emboldened.

    With it, public safety expands, law and order governs as it should.

    Each of us can go on with our lives at work, school, and play.

    That’s what today is called community policing.

    -Just old-school police work, really.

    That’s what government is for; to do only what citizens cannot do for themselves.

    Lincoln taught us that.

    Reformed Somali Pirtate “Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi”

  • Any MPD on following this thread? What do you guys think works? What does the data show? Any success stories we can learn from?

  • MPD went down hill with so many elected politicians meddling in serious police work and law enforcement they know nothing about.

    Law enforcement in this city worked very well when the Chief of Police and the District Commander Inspectors answered only to the three Commissioners that ran this relatively small town with apolitical administration.

    Any senior police officer, criminal attorney or judge will tell you that privately.

    Law enforcement and adjudication were not politicized.

    Public safety was job one.

    Today it’s spread-the-misery politics and social engineering without license.

    Reformed Somali Pirate “Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi”

  • I don’t live around here, but I’m knee-deep in stuff going down right now and I’m cracking. Bad people are locked up, but I’m more afraid of that than if they thought no one around them noticed. I just don’t have the military mind to decide that I’m already dead, I fear retribution.

  • Neener, really, you fear retribution? You’re knee deep in stuff? I ask because I’m concerned. I’ve read your many posts and can’t quite make this one out. While I may not always agree with you or your actions, your input always makes me think about things differently. You’re quite an asset to the community conversations so I hope you keep us posted.

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