Reader photos From Caribbean Day Parade


I posted some of my photos here but, as expected, you guys left me in the dust. Above is from arisenders.

2009 DC Caribbean Carnival parade

2009 DC Caribbean Carnival parade

The above two great ones are from quigley_brown. A few more after the jump.


I love the one above from DC Liz.

Orange and Green

chambergirl1 captured this great costume.

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  • I think the guy in that first picture was in True Blood last night…

  • He totally was! LOL

  • It’s the one day of the year where it’s totally okay for fat chicks to wear clothes that are waaaaaaay too skimpy. I love it!

  • Vonstallin

    The Devil looks like he is smuggling out some sausages, lol

    Being a DC native (and living 1 block away) I love this time of year. I was coned by my parents to help move a friend of theirs from the Lincon on 11th and Ust to the ratt hole called Petworth Station on Georgia and Randolf street.

    After the Move I had a mer 30 yards to walk and stood by Wendys to watch the festivities.

    I have to say, i love watching the huge crowd of police officers smiling and having a ball.
    It’s rear in this city to see happy police officers…that makes me smile.

    Any event like this where you have thoughsands of people…parading thru the streets with no incence again give me a little hope in mankind.

    Afterwards a friend of mines meet me and when it was over…still full of happyness we took a look at the new Apartment building at 4001 Georgia and Talior (with the yes organic store on the bottom).

    She was looking to move from 13th and Nst to pertworth so I figured this place was spot on. Sat in the mini park behind the building on kansas ave and watched all the parade goers walking.

    Times like this makes me love the city of DC….

    peace to all.

  • Vonstallin

    Man, I wish we had an Edit button….push sumit b4 checking spelling 🙁

  • Vonstallin

    Oh snapp!
    I did it again.

  • Does the guy in the first picture symbolize some sort of spiritual/folklore character in Caribbean culture, or is it just some batsh*t crazy dude carrying around a bag of poop?

  • what kind of body paint do people use to get that dark black sheen? i want to be that guy for halloween, but i cant figure out what to use…cream face paint doesnt cut it…anyone?

  • saf

    Christopher – go talk to the folks at Backstage. They have everything and can tell you how to use it.

  • Christopher – that wasn’t face paint – it was house paint – you could smell it when they paraded by – scary.

    I agree with the sentiment about the police. There was a guy up near Hamilton and Georgia in uniform and covered in mud and baby powder just smiling up a storm. I was in front of the fire house there and the firemen were having a grand time!

  • I’m pretty sure I have a picture of the man in the bee costume dressed as a king in the 2006 parade. I keep comparing the two photos, but can’t be sure.

  • thanks saf!

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