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2009 DC Caribbean Carnival parade
Photo by PoPville flickr user quigley_brown

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Vonstallin

    As of late things haven’t been going the way I plan…
    But this weekends festival brought a smile to my face with all the happy people.

    With that said…

    All the complaining I read in the Carribean thread made me think of what my parents said (who live in Petworth also). The new comers are great. They add another element and help diversify things, but sooner or later they will complain and want to change things.

    I read more complaints about having the road closed than anything.

    For the parade…happy officers, and the diversified crowed who partook in the events and minggled with everyone. It makes me think that we may just be able to get along.

    To all the complainers who move into a very ethnic region and complain about a celebration thats been going on b4 they even thought about moving to the area.

    IT, Sours my happy mood.

  • Rave: PoP is on NPR now! 🙂

  • I agree Vonstallin!!! I second your rave and rant….another rave would be that magnificent picture by Quigley Brown….

  • Yeah I am listening as well Thor, PoP is ringing in the Beautiful Life! Kojo should have local bloggers in regularly!

  • Hi,
    Kojo should have local bloggers regularly. These people are our “feet on the street” as far as neighborhood news is concerned. They provide incredibly valuable information.

    A fan

  • VonStallin, you know that cuts both ways too. On my block it’s the young white gentrifiers and the retired African-American homeowners vs the baby boomers who inherited their houses from Grandma and Grandpa without investing themselves in the neighborhood.

    Don’t get me started about Puerto Rican day parades in other cities. I’ve seen them go from parade to melee in 30 minutes, scattering everyone who doesn’t want to witness an assault. In 2004 I walked by a police officer talking to a family on a porch in a city I was visiting who threatened me that they knew I called the police on them. ??? Later the guy threatened me by waving full-sized Puerto Rico Flag on a pole in my direction. wacko Jacko, and racially charged.

    If anyone cares the National Arburetum is converting almost way too much of their space to Chinese gardens. Cultures shift and change majority in this town…

  • Rave: Cops walking the beat on my block yesterday!

  • Chinese gardens?!? OMG, soon all the American plants will be unemployed and strung out on cheap imported fertilizer.

    What is the world coming to?

  • Raves: great weekend with the lady, 3 day work week, free lunch, big boy beds, supermugs of beer, etc…

    Rants: bum hip, tattered checkbook, 3 day work week, overprotective older brothers, Anonymous posts (no offense y’all, just a personal peeve, I know you are creative enough to come up with a handle).

  • Rave: I bought a new Japanese Maple on Sunday and sent in my $50 rebate form to Casey Trees on Monday. I received my check for $50 by Friday!

    Rant: It’ll be 10 years or more before it’ll provide me with any shade.

  • @Flipflopirate: Agreed on the anonymous posts – for some reason it bothers the heck outta me!

    Rant: I’m tired…
    Rave: I’m tired from an awesome, yet exhausting, weekend at the beach!
    Rant2: I found my boyfriend’s wallet in my purse when I got home last night… Now I have to overnight it to him in Philly!
    Rave: Reading PoP articles/comments 🙂

  • Rant: After weeks without actual work at my place of employment (a long standing rant), my big job is waiting for a huge download to finish on a coworkers computer who leaves at 2pm. He expects it to take hours. Woo.

    Rave #1: Moving to Logan Circle tomorrow

    Rave #2: First time living alone!

    Rave #3: More raves than rants 🙂

  • Rave: Finally made it to the drummers at Malcolm X last night. It’s like the heartbeat of the city! It’s not just something to watch…it’s something to experience.

    Rave2: Saw The Stoning of Soraya M. on Friday. Extremely sobering because its a true story. I’m interested to read the actual story written by the journalist.

  • Rave: A lovely sunny low humidity day outside.

    Rant: I’m too tired to enjoy the day due to my stupid a$$ed drunken gentrified inconsiderate neighbors coming home at 3:30AM and yelling and singing outside.

  • Vonstallin

    Flip & Mal:
    Agreed on the anonymous posts. I feel that like most bbs, message boards everyone can read, but you have to create an account in order to post/reply.

    Also it makes replying to annon: @ 9:15am less confusing than reply to annon: @ 9:33a m (example)

    Also: from a advertising stand point if someone wanted to advertise on the site two of the biggest questions will be:

    Visiters per day and number of memebers.
    Members would represent your base.

    Say: 200 members with 500 visitors per day will give a decent demographic of traffic and stability.

    Rave 3:
    After a stressed work week ( Co-Worker ratting me out to the boss) 🙁

    I was getting angry every day so Yoga class was in much need….
    Well my ultra hot, uber sexy instructor Ema played a Krishna group I have’t heard of.

    So for days I have been playing mostly one song to calm my angry man syndrone…

    Group: Govidas and Radha:
    Song: Radhe
    Album: Waves of Love India krishna Session

    Get it… almost sound like Trance India krishna music.


  • Rave: Lunch with a friend at Commonwealth yesterday and am still deleriously happy over deep fried brussel sprouts (who would have thought it!) and pork belly sliders!!! This is the inverse of PTSD, where you can’t stop thinking about a good thing.

    Mostly rave – 20th annual 4th of July beach camping at Assateague this weekend with 100 of my closest friends. Huge fun – huge work! Kayaking with dolphins! Sand in everything!

  • Hey vonstallin,
    Not all newcomer complaints are equal. If what the newcomers are complaining about and want to change is open air drug dealing and senseless violence, I’m with them. If they are complaining about the once a year inconvenience of a neighborhood event that predates their arrival, not so much.

    And shame on you for not telling the rest of us where we can find your ultra hot and uber sexy yoga instructor.

  • Rant: I have a big ole pile of data entry that isnt entering itself.

    Rave: My Birthday on Thursday, celebrating the nations birthday on Saturday, being done with work in about a month!

  • saf

    VS – I’ve lived here since before the Carnival was a regular feature.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the parade is neat and the marketplace is cool, and… but the fact is, the police say, “Oh, this that and the other will be closed these hours.” Then they change the times, and the closings, and are not at ALL nice about it. I have off street parking at my house. One year I was trying to get home. They had randomly closed my street, and even with ID showing I lived there, they wouldn’t let me in and told me to park there on the street three blocks from my house (where? There were no parking spaces!) and walk my many bags of groceries over to my house!

    Add in that some of the people who come to the event are less than considerate of the neighbors (DON’T LITTER! and DON’T call me names because of what I look like. I LIVE HERE AND HAVE FOR MANY YEARS. (and that shouldn’t matter. Just stop being rude.))

    (I hated Adams Morgan Day for the same reasons when I lived there.)

    It’s a neat festival, but it has gotten SO big that it does inconvenience the neighbors.

  • I totally agree with saf….I hated A-M day when i lived there. 1st the vendors are seldom from Adams Morgan…how many chicken on a stick places do you find in A-M? and secondly it is non-residents who feel they can throw garbage on the street and be rude to people who actually live in the neighborhood.

    Is there a way that residents could get parking passes on the day of the event, and notices posted that say “if you do not have a parking pass you will be ticketed and/or towed” ? I hate to be unfriendly, but I need to be able to get out and come back and know I will be let back into my neighborhood.

  • Rant – I hate that Carib Day parade. Traffic is a nightmare. Can’t find a parking spot. I don’t care what you people say. Bah Humbug.

  • Rave: I had a great Sunday. All weekend actually.

    Rant: Saw something terribly disturbing. Was in SE on Sunday. I saw a little girl (~12-15 y/o) at the gas station stuffing Now & Laters through the side of her mouth. Her mouth was wired shut. I thought it was due to having braces. So I asked her if they did that because of braces. Her friends responded that her sister’s boyfriend broke her jaw fighting. How could a grown man punch/kick a girl with enough force to break her jaw?

    Rant2: I hear the BET Awards were the height of dysfunction. Are there any white people on here that watched that award show? If so, what are you honest thoughts?

  • Rant: People who use “gentrification” as the new “yuppie”.
    Rant: White folks who think they are the only white people who should live in a mixed neighborhood.
    Rant: People who think they’re lifestyle is the only legitimate lifestyle in a city.
    Rant: Coming 4th of July neighborhood fireworks displays.

    Rave: Sunny weather
    Rave: Blooming flowers
    Rave: Peace and Happiness
    Rave: Tickets/Arrests for petty crimes

  • Rave: Papusa’s with my little girl. Big guy turns 2 thursday.

    RantRave: Skipped the parade this year. Whats the deal, I had always thought it was a Carribean parade, but apparently it had some South American thing going on, and seems to be getting more random and bizarre or is it me? One year it was just random stuff, the crazy feather outfits, then a marching band, then hip hop then something else. And Jim Graham and his vw bug top down, full of thugs. The VW Thug-Bug i suppose.

    Rant: Going to miss the neighborhood insane-ass fireworks display this year.

  • RG, South America is also the Caribbean hermano…..

  • rave: spent a great weekend in nyc with my great boyfriend!

    rant: his plans to move here from boston arent working out so well

  • Vonstallin

    GSG Says:
    June 29th, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    (lol Golds Gym Capital Hill)
    I was only speaking on pleasent events like Parades.

    saf Says:
    June 29th, 2009 at 3:28 pm


    anonymous Says:
    June 29th, 2009 at 3:48 pm


    Anonymous Says:
    June 29th, 2009 at 3:51 pm


    I can not think of a way around it, but if you live near a choosen event (like Adams Morgan or Georgia Ave) you will be inconvienced. I can not think of a way that eveyone will be pleased.

    It don’t bother me much, but I do know how to get around it.

    Saturday I was conned into moving someone to the Petworth Station Apartments (next to safeway and wendys) Durring the peak of the parade.

    Drove up the officer said road closed explained…still said road closed..but we made him listen because I assume he heard it all day and he let us thru.

    I normaly don’t drive (my car) or if i do I plan on not returning until after 4/5pm…

    The parade is from 11am to 3pm and the streets are open again about 4pmish.

    So the streets are closed for roughly 6 hours. After the parade people get back in the cars and leave the residential parking spaces.

    To tell the truth…to me its a very minor inconvience… a few hours a day one day a year.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel what most of you are saying, but seriously….
    Again it will be hard to make everyone happy and the police are forced to work OT for this and have to deal with new comers to the parade, locals and more.

    You want to know what inconvient? sitting down on some grass on a field and getting the rements of dog shit or piss on your pants or hands while tieing your shoe…

    Its a “LARGE” influx of dog owners in DC now and with that….a large influx of Shit in everything Green.

    and thats year long.

  • QUE? Nestor , South America is South America right? Its a continent, when did it get annexed by the Carribean? My thinking here is that the carribean is the water and islands between FLA and Brazil or something, the stuff to the west being central america. perhaps a better rule of thumb from experince only:
    Rum drinks= carribean, non rum drinks= not caribbean.

    I can count my last geography class in decades, so bear with me. Though on this blog I may get beaten up with “cultural literacy” and “anglo-westrern centric view” and all the other touchy- feely precious snow flake garbage.

    RANT NUMERO DOS: touchy- feely precious snow flake garbage taught in schools, etc. Whats that all about? Everyday i see kids who run roughshot over their parents because the rents think it is wrong to discipline their special little snowflake. Setting that kid up for serious disappointment when they fail the SATs and have to wait tables until they figure out life doesnt hand you anything,. Get off your ass and do something. I suppose my point is that I respect whomevers culture but that doesnt mean i have to like it, hence tolerance. None of us is entitled to squat. that is all. wait i can hear it, “its not my fault its societies”. The world needs dotch doggers too. get your foot off the boat Spalding!!

  • Rant2: I hear the BET Awards were the height of dysfunction. Are there any white people on here that watched that award show? If so, what are you honest thoughts?

    I’m not White, but I can say there was this short-lived site called “OMG! Black People!” where someone posted the Tweets of people on Twitter who were complaining about the posting trends being about Black people and the BET Awards. Nonsense such as “Lock your doors!” and “So many Tweets about Black people!” were posted on that site. It only lasted a few hours and is now defunct.

    I’m not a fan of BET (they can get back to me when they start showing more quality TV), but I’m not a fan of racism either.

  • Rant: AlertDC, which tells me AFTERwards that street closures have ceased….but never tells me BEFOREhand what streets are going to be closed so that I can plan accordingly.

    Rave: Beautiful weather! New computer toys!

  • ugh: dotch doggers, should be ditch diggers. I fail the tpying. not goodly.

  • RG, hermano, El Caribe (the Caribbean) includes the northern coast of Venezuela, Colombia and also Guyana. And rum we drink!!! I recommend you try Ron Cacique from Venezuela or Ron Caldas from Colombia!!! And RG, no need to start a “comment war” or anything like that, I would actually invite you to drink to some Venezuelan rum!!!

  • Rave: Its a beautiful day today and worked my last few hours of work from my front porch.

    Rave2: I liked the caribbean festival but wasn’t able to stay for long. I was also notified of the street closings before it happened so I did not get trapped in while driving way in in VA for a baby shower.

    Rant: Maybe its because I wasn’t at the parade long enough but I didn’t see any of my Cubans or Puerto Ricans representing.

    And we too like the rum drinks, I specifically enjoy the mojitos…

  • Badlands -I am not sure I get this one
    “Rant: White folks who think they are the only white people who should live in a mixed neighborhood.”

    Would you (or someone else) explain? I thought all ‘white folks’ in Petworth actively recruited friends to move in.

    Rant – I was in a fender bender
    Rave – not my fault
    Rave – they have insurance!

  • “…gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf
    And just enjoy yourself
    Groove, let the madness in the music get to you
    Life aint so bad at all…”

    I will miss MJ

  • Rant: Tried to go to Sushi Nori Saturday – was back from Africa and craving raw fish. The place was locked up tight. Anyone know what’s up?

  • I’m definitely of two minds about all this. I’ve lived in the DC AREA my whole life, since the 1960s. I feel strange when people talk about me being a newcomer because I moved into the city 15 years ago. I can tell you more about DC in 1975 than a lot of people here even if I didn’t live here. The first thing is that Carribean Day wouldn’t be anything without the improved tax base in the District which didn’t exist in 1987.

  • Are white people moving to Capitol Heights, there is a metro station at Addison road and a dog part at Walker Mill road.

  • Rave: I closed on my first house in Ft. Totten yesterday! The new neighborhood looked great last evening and I am excited to move in ASAP!
    Rant: I saw the police breaking up a small neighborhood fireworks display (with adults and kids all having a good time). It was nothing huge, loud or dangerous. Are fireworks illegal in DC?

  • Nestro, I stand corrected. good call about the north shore. As for the rum, will defintiely take those into consideration next time I am out. thx rg

  • I did not post one of those messages above? weird.

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