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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I

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  • My first father’s day as a Dad – wonderful day, and a great feeling and family. Couldn’t have been better.

  • Rant: It’s Monday. 🙁

    Rave: I get Friday off! 🙂

  • Rave: Day off from work today! Meeting Secretary Gates this afternoon at Walter Reed. Am totally rid of my nasty ass roommate as i’ve cashed my deposit check from her, deleted her from my cell phone, facebook, gchat etc. Free at last!

    Rant:The plumbers have been here all day and the water is turned off, I really need to pee! oh and I have to go back to work tomorrow

  • Anybody know what the deal is with all the stuff outside at (roughly) 11th and Monroe? Did somebody get evicted? If so, that’s saddening, and that’s my rant.

  • Rave: Moving to CH this next weekend! Gun shots be damned!

  • Rant: Gunshots fired in a parking lot on my block Friday night.

    Rave? Sort of?: I was asleep after a lovely evening spent listening to jazz in the sculpture garden and didn’t hear them.

  • Anyone else hear gunshots and/or fireworks near North Cap and Gallatin at 3:30 last night?

  • Rave: Great weekend in RVA, Looking forward to the weekend already.

    Rant: Expensive weekend in RVA, yet more grad app stuff, new bed does not fit old bed frame.

  • Rave: miraculously not hung over after our soltice party yesterday.
    Rave II: still have most of my hair, despite a mishap lighting the grill.

  • Rant: Article in Wash Post today about how violence still plagues Columbia Heights.

    Rant2: How the Wash Post neglects the increasing crime wave all over the rest of the city.

  • Rant: Loud obnoxious vacuous 20 somethings yelling during fathers day lunch yesterday at Red Rocks.
    Rave: Turns out it was a bday party, and they gave my son and daughter cupcakes!!!! thanks again guys!

  • Rave: I leave for a two week vacation on Wednesday!
    Rant: I have no PoP shirt to wear 🙁

  • Yesterday on 13th St I ran across a man who needed money to solve a very specific problem. He was trying to get into an electrician’s apprentice program, but he had recently been released from a correctional facility and didn’t have a valid non-driver’s identification from the DMV, without which he couldn’t enter the program. He needed $39 cash to pay the fee.

    I told him I didn’t have any cash but would meet him later with some money to help him out. His story was very detailed and very sincere. On the other hand, when I got home I learned that 1) the non-drivers ID fee is $20, not $39, and 2) the fee is waived for anyone who’s been released from a correctional facility within the last six months.

    I absolutely hate being lied to. The individual in question has an excellent story and a wallet full of apparently legitimate artifacts. I’m apparently the third person to stand him up in this way. My suggestion is to be alert for this person — he’s down 13th around Irving — but don’t challenge his story. There’s no reason to help him become a better liar.

  • i have definitely heard that story or one very close to it walking down 11th near Kenyon. Don’t believe it.

  • Rave: Visit from boyfriend and Bahamas!

    Rant: Blisters from new shoes. Booooo

  • Huge Rant – People – keep your cats inside!!! You idiot cat-owner with your ignorant “Born Free” visions of your little pet gamboling amongst the butterflies – hello – think pizza on the pavement – smashed bloody smear, loops of chunky guts and bits of bone sticking out like chiclets in spaghetti-o’s, crushed little face, whiskers twitching in the wind of every passing car until the carcass is finally pulverized into a stinking blot. That is your cat hit by a car.

    If you let your cat out you are cruel and stupid. Stop it !!!! Please just go ahead and put the thing in the cuisanart now, get it over with and spare the rest of us the trauma of smashed pet death!!!

    I was walking my dog yesterday evening when a f**king free-range cat jumped out onto the sidewalk. Dogs are still wolves – cats are NOT lions – cats are snacks!!! My little (32 pounds) old (98 in human years) but highly prey-oriented dog, yanked the leash out of my hand and within 2 seconds, two pets were in the street about to be smashed. God bless the alert driver that heard me scream or saw the flash of fur and stopped in time. (He was shaking so hard I thought he might faint.)

    You have caused enormous trauma to at least two humans and two animals. Stop it! Keep the cats indoors!

    Rave: – The old bitch still has balls!

  • Mark, I ran into that guy about a year ago at 14th and Fairmont. Same schtick back then, same docs too. I recently ran into him again a few weeks ago at 14th and Harvard. I just cut him off before he could finish going through his whole pitch and told him that I didn’t have anything to offer to help him (not in a mean way, just trying to keep him from wasting his breath and my time). He just mumbled about the system holding him down as he walked away.

    He isn’t particularly aggressive or intimidating, but I really dont like people that follow you or try to stop you when giving their pitch. I’ve heard that is illegal in itself, but I’m not certain. I’ve found the best way to bring it to an end is either give some change or say you dont carry cash (whichever you want).

  • Rave/rant – saw a homeless man, passed out, I think drunk, had vomited on himself on 14th street near V Sunday afternoon. I did a doubletake, immediately decided to call 911 and made sure he got medical attention (he was breathing but the vomit could have easily obstructed his breathing). I was glad to do my good samaritan act of the day, but I wondered how long he’d been there before I walked along and happened to notice something was wrong.

    I must say I’ve been conditioned to see people asleep/passed out on the street and think nothing of it – the only reason I took a second look was because the boyfriend commented that the position he was passed out in (in a tree box with a fence) didn’t look that comfortable. It was only then that I noticed the vomit…

  • Rant: I went to the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ festival at National Harbor on Saturday. What a massive waste of money and a Saturday afternoon. Basically we arrived, had a drink and waited in line for 1.5 hours sweating in an asphalt parking lot to find out all the BBQ was gone. I paid $8 for a nasty ham sandwhich, not to mention the $33 for my ticket to get in…plus I was the designated driver so I didn’t even drink. What a waste – because it actually looked like a beautiful day.

    Rave: I’m never going to drink/food festival ever again!

  • Mark et al.,

    I’ve heard the same pitch from that guy twice. He’s decidedly non-threatening but very good at forcing you to respond, i.e., not letting you just walk on by. I say do your best to ignore him; once he gets going it’s hard to shake him.

  • i saw a mouse in my house yesterday. anyone have recommendations for rodent control? What are the best companies out there?

  • A ran into that guy a little less than a year ago with the same story. Told him that I didn’t have cash and he told me he knew where an ATM was.

  • U street girl: Good for you. I’ve had to call 911 twice in the past week on ‘passed out drunk guy’ on my block. The second guy it turns out was damn close to a diabetic coma in addition to being super-drunk and having puked himself.

  • The ‘just-got-out-of-jail’ routine has been popular for a while since ‘my-car-ran-out-of-gas’ became played out. There are a few components to this one. Since the guy has supposedly just been released you get the one-two of feeling a little bleeding-heart pity for him along with a slight tinge of fear. Perhaps enough fear not to just turn and walk away or tell him to ‘go away’. Then you get to the long involved story which is designed to make the story seem more true, annoy you to the point of just giving the dude some cash or simply pull at your heartstrings some more. I’m not trying to sound like a jerk [many of my other posts have done that more than enough thank you] but who the heck falls for this cr*p?

  • Pete with the mouse – get the rat zapper. I recommend it so much I should be getting a commission, but it really does work.


  • Victoriam, are you in MtP? I am, and I’ve noticed several new cats on my block recently (in addition to the usual two, who I have no problem with). I myself am unhappy that my new downstairs neighbors seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to leave the front door of our house open (unattended) in order to let their cat wander freely in and out of the building. I also suspect that their cat may have peed outside the door to my apartment (it sure smelled like it), which I’m sure is of course driving my (strictly indoor) cats bonkers. Actually, my roommate mentioned something about their cat making a lunge for a dog recently (but not yesterday)…

  • Rant: @PetworthRes I went too, very disappointed that you had to pay for BBQ. If you told them you were the DD, you only had to pay $20 for the ticket. That’s what I did… and now I have $20 worth of beer buttons and stickers. Sweet?

    Rave: Saw the Nats game on Saturday night. A walk-off home run win in the 12th inning AND I got to get Ben’s Chili Bowl? Perfect.

  • @10thandM: Sigh, if only I caught on to these things, I was trying to meditate that I was anywhere else and didn’t notice… and did you get free BBQ? And you went to that festival, plus a Nats game, plus Ben’s all in one day? Wow! You have a stronger stomach than me!

  • Rant: WTF happened to the romaine lettuce at Red Rocks? They used to give you full heads with nice green fluffy leaves for ceasar salads. Now its just lettuce booty. What’s up with that?

    Rant: Why do helicopters search for criminals AT the crime scene? Even every simple-minded straight-shooter knows that criminals flee the scene. The sound of the chopper is just plain noise pollution.

    Rave: Love POP!!!

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