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  • What the f is that?

  • I think she was in a dirty dream I had last night!

  • Rave 1: Just signed the offer letter for a new job that’s paying me $20k more than the last one.

    Rave 2: Beautiful day today!

    Rant: That effing picture above. That will be haunting my nightmares for a few weeks to come.

  • There’s something hilariously scary about this picture. I want a poster.

  • Rant RAnt RANT
    I pick my 5 year old daughter up from school everyday at 14th and Columbia. We tend to bike home to Petworth but also will catch the H8 at Irving.
    For special treats, she loves Potbelly milkshakes and 5 guys burgers.

    NOW WTF do I tell her about all the police tape that she saw yesterday and all of the cops and the road closed??!!!

    WHAT!? DO!? I!? TELL!? HER!?

    Brings me right the eff down…so depressing.

  • Does she go on dates? Can I get her number?

  • rant: all the @#*(%*(@ crime
    rant: all the *(%@*(% rain

  • Rave: Looking forward to a nice trip to RVA to see the lady. Waiting with hope to hear back from grad school. Considering life on a Houseboat in DC – If I go down it’ll be in 10 ft. of water bombed on boat drinks 😉

    Rant: Walking on Egg-Shells with my ladyfriend’s brother (and my good friend) re: my trip to RVA. Waiting with anxiety to hear back from grad school. Work liquifies my brain into useless goo without paying much for the pleasure.

  • Dang when this this blog turn into a Furry Website?

  • rant: same old Sh..
    rave: i want the chick in the pic, doggy hat and all. someone shoot me her name and number. thanks

  • Rant: The ladyfriend thinks I might have “hooked up” with someone while on a trip which is a. dumb and b. would be like 1% of things she has done to me in the past, but if she can’t handle the chance of 1% of what she doled out in buckets, then I guess its not meant to be..

    Rave: parents are here!

    Rant, again: parents are here!

  • Did McGruff get a sex change?

  • Rant: My scanner is dorking out with the move from Fuji to Kodak 160VC. Oh, and finals are next week.

    Rave: I figured it out enough to get some rough scans of a girl in a fuzzy head that made it to this website.

  • Uh oh, PoP a furry? Say it aint so…

    Revel: This is odd for a revel, but I was more uplifted by this thought than defeated by it. My friend was shot in the knee in high school after some stupid beef boiled over. It was the insane result of an even more ridiculous argument. I doubt any of those involved could tell you today why they were mad back then. His knee was obliterated by a shotgun blast fired at point blank. He and his crew had been feuding over some complete nonsense with some kids from a nearby high school. Your typical meet me after school by the willow tree turned tragic when the other side showed up strapped. Instead of running tail-between-legs to safety (as I would have done had I been involved), each of my friends took turns stepping in front of the other as if to say, “if your gonna shoot someone, shoot me not my friend.” I have never questioned their loyalty – its the brains I always wondered about. The russian roulette of friendship ended with a trip to shock trauma and countless hours spent in reconstructive surgery so my buddy could walk again.

    I revel at this in light of what we now know to have unfolded yesterday. DC has its problems, but it is good to know my sheltered suburban upbringing was not immune to high school kids acting like idiot high school kids. All the kids involved in the incident I remember had parents in their lives, went to good schools, didn’t live in abject poverty or section 8 housing. Most drank, some smoked pot. They got in trouble from time to time, like the rest of us did. This was definitely not the first fight they had been in. For them it was like a favorite pastime. Some grew up to be model citizens. Some continue the same moronic pissing contests where ever they go, have been in jail, and likely have alcohol and drug abuse problems. The guys yesterday had some beef. Neither was mature enough to squash it. One was strapped. We all know what happened next.

    I’m not saying this to dismiss the severity of what happened. I’m also not saying this to suggest that DC doesn’t have some serious issues to deal with. I guess I wanted to share this mostly to remind myself that whoever was involved in the shooting yesterday might not be some depraved animal (though I’m not ruling it out). He might just be like one of my idiotic, immature friends in high school that wouldn’t dare let their manhood be challenged. It sucked then, and it sucks now. I didn’t understand it then, and I dont understand it now. That someone not involved was hurt makes it all the worse. But I take solace in knowing that I could be anywhere in the world and encounter the same dumb shit. It is worse here for sure, but it is not so unique or foreign.

  • Rave: I threw down some plants in my garden and with no work whatsoever it went crazy, thanks rain, and I just ate sauteed baby zucchini and squash blossoms. which is maybe the best thing on earth.

  • “NOW WTF do I tell her about all the police tape that she saw yesterday and all of the cops and the road closed??!!!

    WHAT!? DO!? I!? TELL!? HER!?

    Brings me right the eff down

  • At a minimum you could tell your son it has a lot more to do with poverty and the consequent lack of parenting than race. Though you’re prob just flaming in which case I should just ignore you.

  • @ anonymous @ 12:58:
    that viewpoint is so horribly misguided, just look at the holocaust museum shooting and tell me where that hatred gets us..?

  • Rant: I’ve had to feed my roommate’s dog three times this past week because she just hasn’t felt like coming back from her fiance’s apartment to do it. It’s getting really old, really fast, but the dog is so cute that I can’t just let her starve.

    Rave: I get to leave work early today!

  • Rave — Jimmy D — you’re right, I too grew up in a great community, all the white kids had decent lives, and still did stupid crap all the damned time. Fortunately this was well well before the days where so many youngsters carried guns like they do now. Back then it was only bling bling, and now it’s bling bling with heat. Thanks Tupac and Biggie, way to freakin’ leave a positive legacy.

    Rant — It is worse here in DC, and it is worse here in DC now compared to 10-20 years ago, at least what I see in terms of the attitude of the youth about violence, it’s as if it has gotten cool to be a tough young punk thug. Absolutely sickening that this city can’t get all these guns and bullets out of the hands of 14-year olds. It’s as if there is a daily shooting. We need a new blog — the DC daily shooting blog! Ugh Ugh Ugh….

  • But the lack of parenting is culturally-related. Trust me, I’ve had people tell me to my face, in my home, that “they just couldn’t do what white folks do, they have to smack their kids.” Ah, ok, you know why don’t we invite your son here, but my son’s not going to your house. I live on an integrated block with kids of all races, but there is a stark contrast between the families of the same economic means. It’s definitely the culture of death in the black community that’s the problem, but don’t pretend your kids don’t understand who is fun on the playground and whose parents let them watch wrestling. They understand all too well and you know what, so do I!

    Last Christmas the neighborhood kids filed into my house to help us decorate our tree and put up decorations and make paper chains. One set of parents watched football while this was happening. Yes, adults, watching football on TV in the middle of Sunday afternoon like they were in high school!!!???

    No economic difference, no difference of opportunity, but a street culture devoid of anything of value. To quote one of the Mom’s about vandalism, “That’s why we can’t have nice things.” No. It’s why you can’t have nice things. I have nice things.

    and I’m repairing my house in order to sell it.

  • Whoa. That picture is both really hot and extremely creepy. I like it!

  • And the picture above is what we call a “Butterface.”

    “I’m sayin’, she’s got a nice body, butterface…is that of a bears?”

  • Hmmm: I really think for a lot of the young black guys around 14th and Columbia, they know that their community will never come out and pay attention to them more than in the event of their untimely death. Because every time that kid sees some other young guy from the hood shot dead, everyone comes out and has a big event, wailing “he was such a good boy, why did this happen” and no one asks where he got a gun, or where his parents were, or why he was out unsupervised at 3:00 am, but blames the police or the man. Oh, and the church says, it’s okay, he got called up to heaven to be with Jesus. That

  • Nor sure it’s a “black thing”. I have an African American friend who lives in Tacoma Park/Silver Spring. He’s a lawyer who grew up in Shepard Park. He recently told me he was putting his house on the market because “too many Hispanics were moving into the neighborhood.” He went on, “the don’t speak English, they are loud, dirty, uneducated, etc…” FYI, I’m Hispanic. I don;t blame him, I don’t want to live next to poor Latinos either.

  • Rant: woke up this morning to find that the dog took an extra jumbo dump on the floor

    Rave: great weather today, going to London tomorrow for a week

  • “and whose parents let them watch wrestling. ”

    Oh geez. I grew up with WWF wrestling and have not once shot somebody. Heck, I’ve never even been in a fight. No, it’s something else.

  • Rant2:
    Dear DC Tourist Family,
    Go back to Iowa!, If you’re not from Iowa please consider vacationing there next year, thanks.

    PS – If your snot-nosed, stuck-up, mommy-coddled, manner-less lil’ punk ever spills ketchup on my suit again in the course of his sugar addled teenage tantrum I will personally have a hickory switch & woodshed shipped from SW VA for the good of the child, the family, and the community at large, HURUMPH!

  • rave – michelle rhee fired 250 more underperforming dc teachers! it’s almost like someone is going to be held accountable or something!!! fancy that!!!

    (love the comments from the union apologists on the post’s story about this. hmm i wonder if an e-mail went around to the teachers’ union asking people to comment?)

  • Here I am (female btw) thinking damn who is the fat chick in a bear head, and here you males (I assume males) are totally digging her. Ahhh I criticized my gender for not being stick thin! you know I suck…

  • anon 2:27 that’s very common – the ideal of super thin feminine beauty that a lot of media push is actually not what most men are interested in. it’t very frustrating to many of us when girlfriends/wives are negative about their weight when we actually find them to be perfect…

  • Fat chick? you call her fat chick? are you jelous or something?

  • “Fat chick”? Whaaaa?

    I’m female too, and honestly don’t see fat. I see a little small in the bosomy area, maybe.

  • Rant: Racist people (majority of commentss today), Suberb/midwest people who to come to DC but still wish they were shooting coons with Jim Bob

    Rave: It’s Friday

  • Rave: Bahamas next week!

  • I’m easily confused, is it not OK to watch football on Sunday afternoon?

  • Rave: Left work early today

    Rant: Left work early today because I had already hit 115 hours in two weeks.

  • @It Is Worse Here:
    It is in no way worse here now than it was 20 years ago. In. No. Way.


    A large part of DC was a war zone in 1989…lots of the “GDON” postings on this very blog were in war zones in 1989. If the internet had been what it is today back in 1989, I can only imagine what the threads on neighborhood websites would have looked like…

  • And, what part of that fine woman in the picture is fat? You kids need to get out to America once in a while.

  • Rant: Mopheads
    Rave: My wife is going to be wearing one of those and nothing else tonight…oh yea

  • The brave people of Iran are putting their lives on the line for love of their country… Some of my Iranian-American friends have taken a couple of hours out of their day to go hold up some signs in front of the consulate and they consider themselves revolutionaries! Just pisses me off… We have a saying in Iran about the pot that’s hotter than the stew that it contains… That’s what these guys are!

  • You’re right, EdtheRed. People tend to lose sight of how far DC, and Columbia Heights in particular have come. When poeple rant that “things are worst than ever,” they really have no idea what they’re talking about. This doesn’t mean we should tolerate our current level of crime, but a little perspective is in order.

  • anon @ 1:20:

    Uh, I also grew up on WWF. No shootings for me either.

    And if you think watching football on a Sunday afternoon somehow signifies the type of cultural failing that leads to rampant street crime, the next generation of white kids who will be the offspring of pretty much all the 30-something white males I know are completely fucked. Oh well.

  • Rave: I’m starting a new job the day after my current job ends at the end of the month, and as a result will only be without health insurance for 12 days in July. Yay for avoiding unemployment!

    Rant: We had an exterminator at the house last night (roaches that the previous tenants didn’t bother to tell the management company about), and when I left the house this morning, there were a couple dozen dead roaches on the front porch to greet me. Gross. Oh well, at least the poison worked…

  • Rant: If I have to have another gratuitous conversation with my parents about the weather, all the while skirting what they really want to talk to me about, I will go insane.

    Rave: Caller ID

  • Rave: Wearing Green tomorrow to show solidarity with the brave people in Iran. Spread the word.

  • If you’re watching TV on Sunday when you should be decorating for Christmas then you’re a bad parent. I don’t know any white man, not one, who does that. That was pointed out to me by an African-American grandmother who was complaining about her adult son’s incredible shiftlessness.

    I am sure you’ll find out that what goes in Columbia Heights also goes in trailer parks, but in all honesty, did you know that your neighbors would be no better than those in a trailer park?

  • Rave: It’s Friday. Nice weather.
    Rant: People (mostly white, I presume) on this board still thinking it is guns and poverty as the root of the problem. If it were so simple as removing the guns, this problem would have been solved 20 years ago. I grew up in this culture. So I get perturbed when I hear people blaming it on everything except the people committing these crimes. And their warped entitlement mentality.

    This sh%t has nothing to do with poverty. Hell, I was poor. Clarence Thomas was dirt poor. It has nothing to do with single parent household. I grew up in one. It has nothing to do with guns. I have been around guns ALL my life. Never drew one on anyone. Never threatened to kill anyone. Never pistol whipped anyone. Obviously it ain’t guns.

  • Warderite, you might want to look into one of those short-term medical insurances deals (yes, you can get as little as 12 days coverage). My wife has used a co. called Assurant to bridge short gaps in her ins. She’s fortunately never had to claim, so I don’t know how good they are about that.

  • going a day without catastrophic injury coverage – shiver me timbers. no way.

  • RANT: whenever someone dies in the metro the announcer on the intercom always calls it a “police situation”

  • I signed up for AlertDC so I could be aware of the shootings and so forth in CH and be prepared. Yesterday I got an alert saying there ‘were no street closures near Washington Navy Yard”. Um, OK. Today, I’ve been notified that Toll House cookie dough has been repealled.

    And we wonder why the police did nothing about minors carrying weapons to government program orientation? Or why a shooting broke out afterwards? How about if we get some real police instead of a bunch of pansies.

  • can you not have this section anymore? like you need a blog to encourage ranting. quality discussion on race today boys, you offered nothing insightful or unbiased. Word of advice: it’s not a black thing, or a white thing. It’s the money, stupid!

  • Rant: The DC Summer job program still exists.

    Rave: I left work an hour early.

  • Rant: The weeds and the mosquitos are winning.

    Rave: But I have lots of green tomatos, little eggplants and peppers. And it was a beautiful day, and I worked (a little) from home.

  • Rant: All the white on white violence…

  • How the hell is the suprised bear-headed woman the picture fat? I personally love the pic, looks very professional.

    Rave: Finally a nice day!!! More family visiting this weekend.

    Rant: Husbands family visiting this weekend, MIL, aunt (that is a nun) and uncle that went to seminary school….will they expect me to go hang out at jesus’ house this weekend? Neighbors gutters are clogged, causing overflow of water into my basement 🙁

    Rave: Basement is okay, still alittle wet from all the rain. It needs some treatment to withstand water but is no way a total disaster.

  • I genuinely do not get the comment about watching football on a Sunday instead of decorating for Christmas….How does watching a football game instead of making paper chains make someone a bad parent? Seriously? Where is the logic in that.

    I suppose, because my father actually went to a football game on Christmas Eve once when I was a child, that makes him the worst.father.ever….funny thing, I never shot anyone because of it, I graduated from high school and college inspite of it, and gasp….am a fairly well-rounded and successful individual. Clearly I’m some sort of miraculous exception.

  • Black people relying every day on white people to raise their children makes them bad parents. Their children know they’re getting ripped off and they get angry and then they go to “Get theirs” from people who are not living dysfunctional lives.

    So what if you’re dad sucked and you turned out ok? That doesn’t mean your dad isn’t an a-hole. It means you will be an a-hole too until you recognize it and change it. That’s what therapy is all about.

    From what I’ve seen the community in CH could use a good psychiatrist for everyone.

    Anyone here defending the hip hop culture that creates these monsters is defending the Von Brunns of the world as well. think about it.

  • Rant: reminded a mid-teen punk that he shouldn’t urinate in the alley, and narrowly avoided a beatdown when two of his buddies showed up out of nowhere.

    Rave: there are still places where you don’t have to deal with un-parented feral youth on a daily basis. Those places just aren’t in DC.

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