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You Can Bring Me Flowers
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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I

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  • Rave: I won free groceries at the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter yesterday.

    Rant: Monday + lawyers = ugh

  • Rant: For the first time ever, heard someone in a bar order Disaronno on the rocks, just like on the dumb commercials

    Rave: Inexplicably pleased when bartender told customer they don’t serve Disaronno; customer ended up with a Corona instead

  • Rave: Mom’s in town.
    Rant: Mom’s in town.

  • @anonymous – hilarious!

    Rave: Just a generally happy mood today… Totally busy at work so it should go fast…
    Rave: Get to show someone from Missouri around town tonight (the my mom knows his mom sort of thing)
    Rave: Boyfriend’s brother’s wedding is this weekend, then to the beach next weekend!

    It’s a good good day 🙂

  • Rant: Flat tire upon entering the bike line in Thomas Circle
    Rave: It’s sunny
    Rave 2: Anons 12:14, rant and rave

  • Rave: Thx for using my pic

    Rant: Was it me or was it super humid this morning?

  • Rant: The recent heat/humidity has reminded me why I hate summer

    Rave: Family coming to town this weekend

    Rave 2.0: Family staying at hotel.

  • rave: I sat next to Owen Wilson in Dean and Deluca for over an hour on Saturday.

  • Rave: Saw Bill Callahan at Black Cat on Friday and was thisclose to him. So amazing and he is ridiculously beautiful.

    Rant: Work and all that’s included in it.

  • Rant – Young Thugs smoking weed in basement stairwell of foreclosed house next door

    Rave – The satisfaction of standing up for my hood and running said Thugs off, telling we don’t want that crap in our neighborhood. Priceless.

  • RANT: at 2am last night there were helicopters circling like mad above my apt in northern columbia heights (off Spring Rd). I had visions of a mad search in the woods for some nutjob. What on earth was that?!

  • Rant: Blew my knee out in my soccer game on Saturday!

    Rave: Already had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon for this PM. How lucky is that?!

    Rant #2: Had to miss Pride Parade due to knee.

    Rave #2: Did get out to Pride Festival, if only for an hour, so didn’t miss entire Pride weekend!

  • Rant: Pushed out of my office today and likely the rest of this week due to plumbing work for upstairs neighbors. Last thing I need on a Monday is for even the smallest thing to get in the way of being productive.

    Rave: I still have a job – and it’s one I like. Can’t ever forget that when complaining about the small things at work.

    Rave on: Three weeks from now I’ll be on vacation in Ottertail Lake, MN.

  • Rant: People who think it’s cool to have crappy bars that don’t have essential cordials on hand

    Rave: Headed to NYC to hang with folks who have better things to worry about than what I order

  • Rant: Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger has been downsized. It’s like slider-sized now. Price remains the same.

    Rave: Saw the bonsai’d azaleas at the national arboretum this weekend. Beautiful… and a little creepy.

  • Rave: Went on the St. Elizabeths tour this weekend after being on the wait list for a couple of months. Thanks for the tip, POP!!! Friends and I had a great time.

    Rant: Too bad the GSA folks were helping give the tour and spent more time talking about the permits and GSA building process, than talking about the history of St. E’s. Oh-and a hitchhiking tick from the Civil War Cemetary came home with me.

  • someone beat me to my rant: helicopters circling around Spring Road in the middle of the night. Twice in one weekend. And no information distributed from MPD. I’m on their listserv.

  • Rave: It’s a beautiful sunny day
    Rant: The beautiful sunny day starts up my allergies

  • anon1259 and 109 beat me to it: those f*&@in’ helicopters. Seemed like it/they was/were just chilling right above my place (near Spring). Added to the fact that we have no A/C due to an unresponsive landlord so the window had to be open to be bearable, it was a freakin’ nightmare.

  • Rant: A woman “intentionally placed herself on the tracks” and was killed at the Bethesda metro yesterday, and there was NO coverage on it…only “station closed due to police investigation.” I happened to be there just after it happened–police tape everywhere, a couple sitting inside the police tape that had probably witnessed the event…sad.

    Rant2: I work for a small non-profit, and while a volunteer group was inside the building someone broke into their van and stole the GPS and two bags. They’re a youth group from Michigan that came to DC specifically to SERVE…and look what happens. There were people sitting outside who had probably witnessed the whole thing, but when the cops came around the disappeared. Such is life, I guess.

    Rave: Because I work in a male-dominated environment, it has been decided that we need a “women’s retreat”. The women get to spend two days at a house in Lake Anna, VA…then get Friday off so as not to ruin the relaxation from the retreat.

  • Rant: Due to a lack of communication between the home office and both campuses of my school, I have not been asked back next year. Despite my excellent performance reviews, despite the fact I’m always on time with my paperwork and data, despite the fact I haven’t been late and haven’t called in sick, despite the ability to move to tenth grade with my current ninth graders and use the positive relationships I’ve built with my students as a higher starting point towards meeting AYP and not getting shut down… I told a few of my students today and they cried.

    I’m not as upset about not having a job for next year (maybe it’s because I get paid until August, I don’t know) as I am that what really is hurting the kids in this situation is that adults can’t do their fucking jobs correctly, and can’t communicate with each other.

  • rant: if you get to the point where you feel so alone and sad that the best way for you to get attention seems to be laying yourself across metro tracks, DONT! call a hotline, visit a friendly neighbor, or throw yourself into the potomac. dc metro transit is already screwed up enough as it is…

    rave: beach in 3 days!!

  • ScottahB… fill out an application with Carney Sandoe. All area independent schools use them for finding applicants. I used them myself 9 years ago, found a great school and I couldn’t be happier. Sorry to hear your news (really does suck), but hopefully you will find something soon. Feel free to email me, if you have any questions…

  • Rave: I too went on the St. Elizabeth’s (sorry, I just can’t do it without the apostrophe – I’m an editor) walking tour on Saturday. I thought it was really interesting and I appreciated hearing about both the history and the future plans. I think it made complete sense for them to talk about the future plans for the site because if they didn’t, the entire tour would be dominated by people asking those very questions. They’re just trying to address people’s concerns.

  • They don’t report suicides on train lines anywhere (at least, it’s not standard practice)… gives people ideas, I guess. When I lived in “downtown” Silver Spring a number of years ago, a dude did the same thing and it was a literal bloody mess. Not a word in/on any news source.

    And now on to my rants and raves.

    Rant: I feel yucky and lonely.
    Rave: Last day with the students tomorrow.
    Rant2: Last day with the students tomorrow. I’ll miss them this year.

  • Rave: raymond khoury’s newest book
    Rant: accidentally seeing the first two minutes of “the last templar” the mini series smh

  • Rave: Was offered and accepted a job!!
    Rant: Must fill out extremely long security clearance paper work to get job.
    Rant2: Eight month pregnant sister was admitted to hospital last night for severe viral infection.


  • Rave: ate at domku restaurant on sunday. wow! real food, real drinks.

    Rave: they’re finishing the condo/whatever complex on georgia & quincy. trees! flowers! grass!

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