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summer blooms in Petworth.
Photo from PoPville Flickr User onemonthaway

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I

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  • neither rant nor revel: I posted this at the end of yesterday’s trash collection discussion, but it was late so probably a lot of regulars didn’t see it:

    DC Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs has a process for complaining about trash truck noise: http://dcra.dc.gov/dcra/cwp/view,A,3,Q,643422.asp

  • Rant: BEDBUGS!! I was just reading a story on NBC4 about how the infestation has spread. I noticed a few bedbugs in my home over a month ago. So I bought a steamer and steamed the crap out of them. Has anyone else had a problem?

    Ewwww, it just gives me the heebie jeebies.

  • Rant: Mendelson and Brown using the museum shooting to further their “no guns in DC stance.”


  • Prince Of Petworth

    Rave: Gutters fixed, Basement fixed and dry!

    Rant: Haven’t received the bill yet…

  • Rant: Tons of work, Very little money, Need a new job, Can’t decide what I wanna be when I grow up (Teacher vs Lawyer)

    Rave: Friends coming to visit this weekend.

  • Rant: Have to leave the country to get a new visa
    Rave: New visa is necessary because I’m getting a new job!

  • Anyone ever heard of a DC neighborhood names “Stronghold”?

    Me neither, but it a neighborhood name that shows up on the google map of DC. It is right in the middle of town, maybe a little east of Petworth. This has been puzzling me for a while now. Note, you may have to adjust your zoom level to see it. It is 8 clicks out from max zoom in.

  • it IS a neighborhood mname….duh.

  • Bedbugs aren’t any more prevalent today than they were a decade ago. Various media outlets dredge this story up every few months. And most consumer-use steamers don’t kill them, because they don’t get hot enough, and can’t be used on all the surfaces that bedbugs like (like electrical outlets). You’re more likely to give yourself a bad case of mold than kill the bugs.

  • Rave: All of the bosses left early today.
    Rant: All of them will be back first thing monday.

  • Rant: My really annoying colleague who clearly doesn’t understand my job and why I must pester her to do her job and stop dragging her feet. She she speaks with one of those phony British accents because she thinks she’s an artist and that’s what artists do.

    Rave: I enjoy forwarding her passive-aggressive emails to our bosses, just as an FYI.

  • Rave: Sunshine!
    Rant and Rave: In-laws are visiting this weekend!

  • Has anyone ever thought about how bad the carnage would have been had the police officers had no guns? Guns, in this instance, saved a lot of lives. Furthermore, how would the gun ban have helped in this case? The guy was from MD. He had a shotgun which is legal. He broke a host of laws before he ever pulled the trigger. It is unlikely any other law would have deterred him.

  • @Nate, I agree with everything you said except for the fact that the shooter (James von Brunn) was carrying a .22 rifle.

  • Nate: As a convicted felon for over 30 years his possession of the shotgun was NOT legal. Now how did he get that gun? It’s a stumper – since we all know how hard it is to buy a gun – so that couldn’t possibly be a loophole that needs fixing.

    No, it must be those liberals on council that are to blame. Damn liberals!

    If only I had a gun …

  • Rant: Old tenant who use to live above me got kick out and is now squatting in the stairwell. He and his squatting buddies poop and pee in the stairwell all the time. I’ve called the landlord 4 times about the smell and the squatters, but they never do anything besides mop some bleach around. The smell always comes back the next day.

    Rave: Boyfriend is taking me out tonight for fancy cocktails!

  • Big Fat Rant: I’m extremely disappointed in our President, but sadly not at all surprised.

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