Props to the Donatelli Development For Planting New Trees By the Petworth Metro

DSCN9841, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

There is a whole new row of trees going in behind the Petworth metro. There is other landscaping on the side which also looks good.

Speaking of trees I received a number of emails about trouble with the new trees going into the New Hampshire Ave medians. Apparently the median is not deep enough to support trees and DDOT is not being helpful in correcting the situation. Rather than post the same thing twice – you can find out how to help at Petworth News.

While you are at PN you can also find out how to ensure the YES! Organic Market gets a beer and wine license.

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  • saf

    Hey PoP, I’ve been trying to look into this myself with no luck. See that sign that says “Mt. Rona Chuirch Parking?” Those appeared about a year back. I’m guessing that this is the church at 13th and Monroe, as that is named Mt Rona (brilliant of me, eh?)

    I am trying to figure out where these signs came from and where exactly they are directing people. The signs seem too far from the church to be realistic. Also, I find it hard to believe they actually had sign permits to install them – they don’t fit the regulations in several ways.

  • PoP, so who commented about the medians on NH Ave not being deep enough to support trees? My bf commented as well that they seemed really shallow (he’s a landscaper so knows about these things). I would have thought that DOT would work with Casey Trees and the urban forester about this stuff…I thought they were coming up with design specs for tree boxes. I have no problem with planting smaller trees in the median than at the curb if needed (like upper 16th St or Vermont Ave), but really hope that they are building an area that can support plant life here!

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