Portion of 13th Street Closed on Sat.

DSCN9921, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Lots of folks were asking me what was going on there. This is the section of the 13th St. south of Euclid and north of Cardozo HS. Well, I saw a huge crane. I thought a house was getting demolished or something. Turns out it was just lifting a new HVAC (I think it’s HVAC) cellular phone radio cabinet onto the roof a building.


Photo of one of the tallest cranes I’ve ever seen and a close up of the HVAC unit cellular phone radio cabinet after the jump. It must way a ton because the unit is not that large but the crane is gigantic. Pretty wild.



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  • holy crap that is a big crane. that chiller probably cost less than renting that crane for a day.

  • Heh. I dunno. There’ s probably a surplus of cranes in DC for the moment, so you might be able to get a deal.

  • That is a cellular phone radio cabinet, AT&T. T-Mobile is on that roof, too. The crane is there a fairly short time and lifts not only that 3K lb cabinet, but the antennas and steel platform materials. I designed its electrical infrastructure and grounding system.

  • Excellent. Maybe my AT&T phone will finally work on U street again.

  • Years ago the engineering firm I work for thought our contracts would end after the cell carriers built all their sites which we design. But the new buildings block transmission so I still have a job. Think of the big new Donatelli condos on GA Ave – they loom over a smaller apt. bldg on Q by the Safeway that has 3 carriers on its roof, now with their south transmitters blocked. Yay! More work!

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