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  • Love Kojo. He’s perfect for that job since he can talk to yahoos from the entire political and social spectrum without actually choking them on the air.

    But I mostly listen to the show in anticipation that someday Tom Sherwood is actually going to finish a sentence with “…and get off of my lawn!”. In fact, I find that reading Tom’s NW Current articles out loud is enhanced tremendously by starting them with “Y’know, in my day…” and ending with the previously mentioned dramatic couplet.

  • Yay! Listening to it now. “I wanted to point out all of the beautiful things in the neighborhood … interviews with neighbors, new development…”

    I can’t believe you left out DOORS! 🙂

  • I like Kojo’s show, but there often seems to be too many topics and commentators on many of the shows. Like today, 30 minutes of airtime (minus the break with the required “bumpers”) was woefully insufficient for the hundreds of guests named “Dan” on the show. There was no time for anything substantial to be discussed.

    The same problem now occurs on The Friday Politics Hour. It used to be exclusively dedicated to DC issues, now it’s one hour for DC, MD and VA. Cramming guests and material in this manner detracts from the value of the program.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks guys. I def. had a lot more I wanted to say. Maybe next time…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Oh and thanks to Holly for her super nice call in to the show!

  • PoP and his harem of coeds!

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