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  • So the mophead was shot 6X. Anyone have any idea how expensive the treatment will be. That is an expense that all of us will indirectly pay. Not to mention the cost of housing the animal in prison that shot him. I’m sure the mophead benefited from some sort of public assistance. WIC/AFDC/EITC. Anyone get my drift here? These people are very expensive to support even before they start shooting/killing/raping/robbing/stealing each other.

    The sad part is that the white guy won’t be so fortunate to get treatment on the public dime. He will likely have to pay his own way. An ambulance ride alone is expensive! I just wonder what the impact on health care costs is due to animal like behavior like this? Whatever hospital treated the 6 shot victim stands no chance of receiving any payment from him.

  • Really? Thats you response, and you think its ok to say something like that….

  • Anyone have details on the motive of this shooting?

  • Holy crap Nate, what’s wrong with you that you could write something like that? I hope psychiatric professionals and police are keeping a close eye on you.

  • Gracious, Nate. Way to get Friday off to a positive start!

  • They still haven’t caught the shooter. Helicopters circling my neighborhood half the night last night keeping people from sleeping. Don’t you think that the victim – the intended victim – can easily identify this guy? Probably even knows his name? The police seem to know that the two were involved in a “fracas” (as described by The Post) at the Convention Center metro station. That means that there are other witnesses to this guys identity. Seems like a better plan than helicopters flying around at 1am in the dark.

  • also gracious of these little motherf-ckers to have gun battles in broad daylight in front of a busy metro station.

    i’m sorry but i think a lot of us are nearing the end of our patience with the apologists for crime.

  • Is it possible that “DC” stands for “Dodge City?”

  • Dead City

  • The police do nothing, the mayor does nothing, the council does nothing, the feds do nothing, no one does a single thing, at least besides useless political stunts (I await the candlelight vigil). I am starting to think that the gun nuts have a point. Defend yourself, because no one else is going to. Unless you consider the occasional dirty look from a cop or when they shoot someone

  • Wow.. these thugs are just pathetic and out of control. Macho assholes.

    On a positive note, the newsbabe in the pic is a babe (no, not the latino guy, sillies).

  • i actually have found the police to be trying to “do something” ever since lanier took over. not to say they’re perfect. but they’re getting better. the problem is more back office that the evidence handling and department of corrections are a nightmare and the attorneys and legal framework suck.

    they are building a new crime lab – i think with FBI oversight – i honestly think that will help.

  • Note the crime lab is now delayed again due to contracting improprieties, see:


    Also, its not a new crime lab, its our first crime lab. Presently, we rely in donated crime lab analysis from FBI and US Marshals I believe. You’ll note these are federal entities who don’t care on whit about DC, they are overseen by congress where we are not, thus the backlog on stuff to be analyzed is at least a few years long, probably more than a decade if we rely on the federales to do it.

  • volunteer for extra jury duty and convict these criminals.

  • people talk mad shit online but scurry past these cats on the street – too bad the guy got grazed though.

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