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  • It’s a steel channel installed to protect the brick corner from chipping and breaking up due to impact from cars/trucks.

  • A witty bit of post-modernism reminiscent of that (mercifully) brief moment in the 70s when it was all the rage to print the name of the object all over the object itself, thus food court napkins with “napkin” written all over it, drink cups with “drink” all over it, chairs with…you get it.

    Very witty.

    Could also be when you do one line of crank too many.

  • WHAT HAPPENS when you do one…

  • looks like they ran out of chalk before they could label all the bricks on the side.

  • Looks like my 4 year old daughter’s work, learning to spell.

  • nice comment irving

  • An artistic commentary on one of the city’s worst scourges: Anemia.

  • @crin, good to know

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