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  • I took that! If you look closely (or go to flickr and enlarge it) you can see the stadium lurking behind the concrete plant. It certainly is an interesting area, and i’m planning on heading back there soon to reshoot some stuff – hopefully get some of the folks living in the area.

  • tonysmallframe: I like it, and the parking meters one as well. SW is kind of a bizarre and awesome neighborhood.

  • Thanks L – put some more up on http://www.lmnophotos.com last night as well. It is one of the funnest areas for me – never know what you will come across.

  • don’t forget that this is part of your series that can be seen now at artomatic! top floor. go see it.

  • i get my white hydrocal plaster down there. only place in the city that stocks it.
    i hope that area stays industrial.

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