Pete’s Apizza – Starting Delivery Soon

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A reader tipped me off to a City Paper classified ad:

“Delivery Driver Wanted for Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza in Columbia Heights. Apply at 1400 Irving St NW ste 103 Monday-Friday between 3-5pm.”

I’m always glad to hear about more delivery options! I’m guessing they’ll deliver to CH, Petworth, Mt. Pleasant, Adams Morgan, Park View and Shaw but I’ll have to find out the exact boundaries.

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  • Great – love their pizza!

  • Moroni’s is better, as proven by the Petworth Pizza Challenge:

    And they already deliver!

  • Well, that’s more Moroni’s for you then Wayan. 😀 I’m ecstatic that Pete’s is delivering soon, yum!

  • I agree with Wayan. I grab a slice of Pete’s from time to time if I happen to be stuck in CH for some reason, but Moroni’s is WAY better. Esp for vegetarian options–Moroni’s even has soy cheese, plus lots more variety than Pete’s. And the crust is amazing.

  • That is awesome!

  • big thumbs up.

  • Pete’s is so good that crust is just as crispy as the dickens and the sauce is straight up krackity

  • blandest…pizza…in the DMV

  • To anyone who has judged Pete’s pizza solely on their ready-made slices, I urge you to try a whole pie sometime. It’s some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. It’s expensive but can probably feed 5 or 6 people easy.

  • Pete’s Pizza is amazing…the crust might be a tad bit salty, but nothing there that sodium-loving freak can’t love! PLUS they have an amazing gluten-free crust which is perfect for my GF….now if Moroni’s offered that we’d give them a try…

  • last I checked, it was 2009…delivery is the bare minimum for a decent pizza place. What’s next? Free water for dine-ins? Buy 5 pizzas and you don’t have to take a pizza cutter to the face?

    Pete’s is fine if you don’t mind the price…and don’t have the motivation to drive somewhere awesome like Vace or 2Amys. But this isn’t good news that they’re delivering, so much as proof that they’re finally really open for business.

  • @indiecognition. Uh. Try to get Vace to deliver. Try to get 2AMYS to deliver. Try to get Red Rocks to deliver. I think you’re off the mark with the whole “bare minimum for a decent pizza place” thing. Pete’s is a restaurant 1st with a wild wine and beer list to boot, take-out a distant 2nd. I’m glad they got those first two parts down before trying to tackle delivery. Yes, Moroni delivers, but that’s because their location is completely off the map, and their store is not the most pleasant place to spend an hour.

  • I’m thrilled to hear Pete’s will deliver. I asked the owner about this when they first opened, and he said they wanted to but would focus on the restaurant first. He lives in Petworth, too…so I’m sure we’ll be on the list.

  • Oohhhhhh i hope they deliver that pizza they have with the fried eggplant slices and wild mushrooms. I have yet to fail to amaze my friends and family with that pizza. Honestly, I love Pete’s Apizza, they have amazing food, great beer, and their owner is always incredibly friendly and wonderful to talk to. Couldn’t be happier to hear that they’re delivering. On another note, has anyone tried that new pizza place that opened up on Mt. Pleasant street, just north of Lamont? Is it any good?

  • It is true that Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza will begin delivering in the near future. We are still working out delivery area, and (as the ad linked in the original PoP posting indicates) looking for drivers. As soon as we are adequately staffed, we’ll begin a trial run. By necessity, it is going to have to start with a limited delivery area, as we work the system out. As we get it down pat, and become more comfortable with the system, we will add to the geographic area served. It is our hope to serve Petworth very soon, but probably not in the trial phase. Not just yet.

    By the way, does anyone have any good ideas for how to recruit delivery drivers? That CP ad hasn’t worked very well yet. Just one applicant, availability outside the hours we need someone… We’re on Craigslist now too. I delivered pizza all through high school and college, but that was in suburban Connecticut (New Haven County – go figure!). Maybe not as easy to find college kids in the big city?

  • I think you hit the nail on the head with your last sentence — contact the Community Life offices of AU, Howard, GW, etc. and I’m sure they will point you in the right direction for posting college student-centric job openings.

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