New To Me – Former Griffith Stadium Location


I can’t believe I missed this during the Georgia Ave. PoPtrekker but I just learned that the Howard University Hospital located on the 2000 block of Georgia Ave. was the home to the old Griffith Stadium.


It’s wild to think that there was once a baseball stadium there. I can’t believe I’m just learning about this now. I love these African American Heritage Trail signs!

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  • check out the old photos:,brum,detr,swann,look,gottscho,pan,horyd,genthe,var,cai,cd,hh,

    if that query doesn’t work, type “griffith stadium” in the search box on this page and hit “search”: – then click “preview images” on the resulting page.

  • This was the home of the Washington Senators, the Redskins, after all, Clark Griffith built as many memorable games were played there, Redskins Quarterback Slingin’ Sammy Baugh, the infamous loss of the Redskins to the Chicago Bears, 73-0 in 1940, a year later on December 7, 1941, during a game, Government and Military Officers were paged during the game to report for duty and the streetcars stopped in front as now one has to go across town to attend a Skins game.

  • If you walk the U St Heritage Trail, one of the stops (Stop #1, I think, in front of the African American Civil War Memorial museum) has a good photo taken from U St looking east at the stadium.

  • the book “Greater U Street,” by Paul K. Willams, as some great shots of the stadium (and lots of other really cool historical pics around the U Street ‘hood).

  • saf

    My FIL was at Walter Reed after being injured in WWII. One of the things he remembers is the USO getting buses and taking them to Senators games at Griffith.

  • saf

    Oh. I forgot. I’ve been told that someone, at some point, marked inside where the bases used to be. I understand that home plate is in a closet now.

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