New Restaurant Coming to 1832 14th Street, NW – More “American Fare”


This is interesting and I think what some commenters were refering to in the post yesterday about the new restaurant coming to 11th Street, NW (next to CH Coffee). That restaurant had a trade name called Local 11. This restaurant has a trade name called “Local 14”. The description sounds very similar:



I’ll try and see if they are related.

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  • I’m guessing these are the same people that run Local 16?

  • I am so glad finally someone is opening a restaurant there. We need more restaurants on 14th street NW. 14th Street is dead from T Street to P Street NW. I hope more people come and open more businesses to improve the look of 14th Street.

  • 14th and You reported that Local 16 was moving into that spot, with the guys from policy opening something new as well near there. Policy has been using the rear of this building for its dumpsters. There’s been a lot of surreptitious (non-permitted) construction going on inside, culminating last week with a sizeable oil spill in the alley that drew police and a lot of firemen. Since then I haven’t seen any construction. Room & Board and Local 16 should clean that corner up nicely. Not sure how 1406 T and the alley carriage house residents will like having “garden seating” until 3am (both face that space directly), but I’m sure Ramon and Ferris will take care of that.

  • That was me yesterday! Thanks for looking into it.

  • Looking forward to the continued development on 14th Street.

  • I live at 1406 T and am very excited for this restaurant. I also like the idea of a roof deck but during the week 2 AM is way to late. I think perhaps they can be flexible and shut down at around 10:30 / 11. Yes we live next to a commercial street, but everything behind the commercial street is residential and accomodations need to be made for that. I am hoping the new owners are reasonable.

  • I agree, TL. I want good restaurants and other new businesses on 14th, and hope we can emphasize compatibility so that proposed plans take into account neighboring properties (businesses & residences), too.

  • This is the city and not a rural or suburban area. And in the city, lots of people don’t even sit down to eat their evening meal until 10 or sometimes later – especially if they are meeting friends or going out after going to the movies or the theater, or even after drinks. Being allowed to serve people at least till 2 am is essential if we are going to act like a city and not a town. Yes, there are homes living behind that commercial strip, but they are homes in the city and the residents there should be equipped to handle the noises a city makes. There are lots of ways to keep out unwanted noises and the burden should be on these neighbors to investigate these ways and not expect the city to ‘not act like a city.’

  • Wow, I am so excited; I was at the ANC meeting and what an unbelievable plans this group has. They want to build the first real Hibachi restaurant with real organic farm in Washington DC. They plan to bring healthy top quality food to the area. One of the owners owns a farm and plans to rent few buses and take every one to see his farm. Another owner is an Architect and is searching the designs of top Hibachi restaurants in the world to bring the best here. The owners of the restaurant have promised to build 8 feet sound proof wall, 20 feet in front of the alley. That will make all the noise to go away. The inside of the building is very beautiful. According to the architect the ceiling is about 15 feet high with the charms of buildings built in the early 1900s. I can

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