New and Moving on P Street, NW


Le Pain Quotidien has opened up (in what I think used to be a florist) at the corner of 20th and P Streets, NW. It has an interesting feature called “Communal Table” where “Friends and strangers alike come together around our communal table to break bread and linger for a while.” Lots more info on Web site. Has anyone ever eaten at one of these spots before?


And Pizza Paradiso has moved from 2029 P Street, NW and will open up at 2003 P Street, NW. Not too far…

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  • Not a fan of LPQ. It’s not bad for what it is, but it’s kind of expensive for what it is.

    Hope this remains the good Pizza Paradiso, and doesn’t devolve into the unfortunate Georgetown outlet.

  • Le pain quotidien is in what used to be District Hardware.

  • LPQ is great! are you kidding?

  • LPQ is awesome. It quickly got inserted into the regular lunch rotation when it opened in Old Town, when my office was over that way. I was thrilled when they opened another outpost in the old Bread & Chocolate spot on the corner of 7th and Penn SE. Their lemonade is amazing!

  • I believe LPQ is actually in the old Third Day space which was a plant store IIRC. The hardware store was to the left when looking at the entrance.

  • LPQ is where bread & chocolate used to be on the corner of 7th and Pennsylvania NE. it’s ok for what it is, some say it’s better than au bon pain, but i dunno. i LOVED that flower shop and District Hardware next to it. The latter has moved down on 24th St NW between M and L. Still same friendly people, but it was wonderful to have their ace hardware brand and their great BIKE SHOP right by dupont circle. there are plenty of places to eat around there. ho hum.

    and for what it’s worth, i never liked pizza paradiso. don’t ask me why. Alfredo’s, the little place in the basement across the street, was just right for me. closest thing to the one on 3rd ave by st. mark’s place in NYC.

  • LPQ has great hot chocolate and pretty good food, but yes overpriced. There is one in Eastern Market and one on M St.

    The bigger debate here should be the crime of putting that ugly facade on LPD and covering up what I assume is a historic building.

  • Hopefully the new Pizza Paradiso location will have a LOT less rats.

  • Fine baguette for $3.15, which is not that much pricier than other excellent baguettes in town. Whole Foods does a decent baguette for $2.50. Thought LPQ was better than Firehook.

  • schweeney is right – used to be a plant and garden store called Third Day, which I though I generally do not like biblical references in my store names, I always got a kick out of.

  • Le Pain is a little pricey, but you have to try their chocolate croissant! I get one at least once a week at the Clarendon location.

  • LPQ tastes good but is $$$$!

  • Agree LPQ has great hot chocolate. I like the one up on Mass Ave near American University. When you order hot chocolate, they bring you the cup of hot milk and a little pitcher of melted chocolate to stir in yourself. Good homemade granola too.

  • Ugh, that place sucks. Horrible service and bad food at a ridiculous price.

  • went here and was not impressed. I got a sandwich and it was mostly bread, they were SO skimpy with what they put on it. Gazpacho was also bland. Crappy food indeed. And definitely overpriced.

  • Is there a good plant and garden store in the Dupont Circle area? Many moons ago, I shopped at the one at 20th & P (Third Day?).

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