More Photos From Inside the “Wonder Bread” Building


Back in April a reader sent in photos from the “Wonder Bread” building at the 600 Block of S Street, NW. The original reader sent a number of shots of old bikes that it turned out belonged to the defunct Shaw Bike Shop. Another reader was able to find some old photos they had taken. It’s pretty wild. Ed. Note: Please enjoy these photos but do not try and enter the building yourself. You can be arrested for trespassing but more importantly you can get hurt. Thanks.



A photo of the exterior of the building after the jump.


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  • Thanks for the photos, PoP! I have a bit of an obsession with this building… I’d love to see it turned into something new.

  • Charles Corby, one of the men responsible for giving the world Wonder Bread, is buried in the Rock Creek Cemetery!

  • It does not take much imagination to envision this becoming really great space, especially as a rec center for kids in Shaw-Howard.

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