Monroe Block Party on Sat. a Great Time

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From Kash:

“The street was blocked off so the kids had lots of room to play. The lack of traffic and parked cars really changed the character of the the street, making it feel more like an inviting part of the interior of the house. It was like we extended the boundary of our living room out into the street to overlap with the neighbors’. Everyone came out and grilled and socialized as if we all shared a common courtyard in the same building. Wish it could be like that every day!”

I think this is one of the best ways to build community. You had old, young, black, white etc. All with smiles. A beautiful sight and most definitely part of the beautiful life.


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  • wow this block has come along way. I had a gf who lived here in the early ’90’s. There were at least a half dozen abandoned homes and a drug crew who ironically called themselves “15th ‘n’ Monroe” [because 15th St and Monroe don’t intersect] that used to ride around on bicycles with their stash in their handlebars. The city’s hit-or-miss attempts at ginkgo tree sterilization made nights hanging out on the front stoop a little stinky at times, but it looks like things have come along nicely.

  • Which block of Monroe is this?

  • anon: That’s Monroe between 16th & 14th.

    I lived midway on this block in the late ’80s, and I’ll second what Ontarioroader says… it’s awesome to see this, after having the other scene on my doorstep every day & night. I wish I’d known about it, would’ve stopped by…

  • this is actually one of my favorite blocks in dc. the trees are lovely as you can see in the photo and the houses are really nicely kept. many are painted in tasteful bright colors with great detail work. good job neighborhood!

  • The block started to come together in the late 90s to address issues (drug dealers, speeding cars, etc.) and to build community. Though residents continue to change, there is a great sense of community. I lived there when this and other events got started and still keep in touch with folks on the block. One of the best in CH (IMO)!

  • There’s a rumor going around Capitol Hill that you have to pay like $600 to get water barrels to block the street for a block party, otherwise you can’t actually restrict traffic. Did this block have to do that?

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