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  • Looks like we got 20003 instead of 20002. I’m dying to see if my neighbors got the $847K they were asking for their place! (That’s nosy and terrible, I know; but judging by how fast it sold, I’m thinking they did. I’m a bad person. Apologies.)

  • Nichole, if you go to http://franklymls.com/Default.aspx and type in your zip code (or any other search criteria), and click on “solds only,” you can see everything that sold in the past 3 months (with pictures!).

    I feel kinda bad pointing this out — I don’t mean to “show up” Kevin, and I think it’s great that he does this for PoP — but this is a new feature added to the frankly website and it’s pretty awesome.

  • Thanks for the heads-up, L! But I still think that this is a great feature for PoP, esp. for those who don’t want to check for themselves. I like the format in which Kevin presents the data. Plus, on the search that I just ran on franklymls, the seller subsidies did not show up.

  • Sweet- It looks good to finally see my new house on there!

  • Yay I made the list! finally.

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