Marriage Equality Straw Poll Vote Tuesday Night

Council member Jim Graham sent approximately 50 emails to various listservs about this vote. He writes:

“Please come to the Ward One Democrats on Tuesday, June 9, to vote on straw poll on marriage equality in the District. Your vote will count!

There will be a panel discussion on the various sides of this issue. But you may come and vote and leave if you would like.

Your input is vital to how the District proceeds on marriage equality in the future. We want as many residents as possible to voice their opinions.

The meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the Reeves Center at 14th and U Street NW in the Second Floor Conference Room.

As you may know, the D.C. Council last month voted to recognize same-sex marriages from other states. I voted in support of that measure. The second reading on the bill was on June 2.”

The PoP Poll on this subject voted overwhelming to support legalizing gay marriage in DC (94% and 634 votes in favor out of 677 total votes). Though a heated debate did ensue in the comments section.

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  • Is this only for Ward 1 residents, or would say a Ward 4 vote count as well?

  • i think there is a more important question here; will non dc votes, like those coming from marylanders who attend maryland churches, count?

  • Only for registered Democrats who live in Ward 1 — Ward 4 Dems have their own meetings.

  • I am 100 percent in support of this, but honestly, after having my email inbox blown up all weekend by the Grahamstander, I won’t be participating in the vote on Tuesday…

  • I’ve never participated in a straw poll, can anyone who has done it describe the process? I take it that you need to be a Dem registered at an address in Ward One?

  • saf

    This is a poll to be held at the meeting of the Ward 1 Democrats. So yes, you need to be a Ward 1 Democrat.

  • When will they be holding the straw poll to do away with all marriages and provide men with reparations for our terrible suffering due to this horrible institution?

  • I’m out of town for this, but what a crock – I’m a Green and support marriage equality – fizzer my vote wouldn’t count.

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