Judging Restaurants – Yellow House


I’ve often wondered about this restaurant located on the 600 block of T Street, NW near the Howard Theater and Florida Ave. I couldn’t find anything about it on the web. I’m guessing it’s either super incredible or terrible. Anyone ever check this spot out?

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  • I’ve never been there, and I hate to nitpick, but according to the sign, it’s Yeiiohouse, not Yellow House.

  • Yellow House has some delicious food, and it’s super cheap. However, I’m not exactly sure it’s still open. I haven’t tried to go there recently, and it hasn’t looked open (though it’s hard to tell). But whenever I went in there, they were super friendly and the food was good. They had a buffet on certain days, I don’t remember which though.

  • Looks interesting, but it’s right next to Zenebech Injera which is delicious and tremendously cheap for the huge portions they dish out.

  • jason: guess you haven’t heard, but zenebech has been closed for a while now, with no sign (unfortunately) of reopening anytime soon.

  • @IMGoph Oh no!!! When did that happen? I went in late April and all was well!

  • now THAT is one yellow house – yeooww!

  • @IMGoph, I just tried ordering from them last night and they didn’t answer their phone. I thought they were too busy. I am bereft! I had to settle for Etete. It was fine but not nearly as nuanced as Zenebech. 1st Pyramid and now this.

  • @IMGoph Wow, that ruins my day. I always order right before closing time, so I just assumed they had been closing early. I feel like I read somewhere that they were considering expanding to a bigger space?

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