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Sweet Green is located at 1512 Connecticut Ave, NW but also has locations in Georgetown and Bethesda. Yo can see their menu here. I’m curious about these new salad places, they seem to be cropping up all over DC. Are the salads that good? For those that like them, do you have a preference between Sweet Green over Chopt? I’ve always liked the greek salad at Cosi… I can’t believe I’m gonna ask this but where can you get the best salad in town?

Ed. Note: I’m fully prepared to get a beatdown from my friends for this one.

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  • Since The Follies closed, it’s been very difficult to get your salad professionally tossed in this town.

  • We should continue this discussion over a Market Fresh® Chopped Turkey Club Salad at Arby’s.

  • CHOPT rocks and Cosi sucks all around. And the Follies RULE!

  • I’ve only been to chop’t, but I def love their “chopt po boy” salad. Plus their rewards card makes up (almost) for the overpriced lettuce!

  • See, i think they are all way too overpriced. I mean, really, how good can a salad really be?

  • I’ve only had one salad at SweetGreen – the deconstructed guacamole salad with hot grilled shrimp. It was AMAZING. I never thought a $9 salad would be worth it, but this was. I really appreciated how much shrimp there was. Unlike salads at Chopt and Cosi, I actually felt full after eating this salad.

  • FYI- there will be a burger place opening up adjacent to this Sweet Green in Dupont. It’s another outpost of BGR Burger Joint in Bethesda.

  • Second Anon @ 12:16pm – Chop’t rocks! I went there yesterday for a crisp “custom” salad on a hot afternoon before the Red Sox game and it was DELICIOUS!

  • Pro-Chop’t. Anti-Sweet Green. The last salad I had from there sucked (yeah, I didn’t know you could screw up a salad, either).

  • Well I’m just giggling over the concept of “deconstructed guacomole!” That’s what – an avacado with a lemon on the side?

  • Can one of these salad places open up on U street please? Or BGR?

  • monkeyrotica needs some new, non-arby’s, material for the comment section

  • Yea, I like how he couldn’t decide on what “funny” to use, so he had to post twice directly in a row. what a douche.

  • I love Sweet Green. Their salads are amazing and their fro yo is very good as well!

  • The best takeout salad in the city is from Brown Bag at 18th and I. The Alamo is amazing and so is the Thai Chicken Salad. Cheaper than Chopt and better ingredients.

  • Sweet Green is quite good. I give the salads a B+. Compared to the greasy stuff in almost every direction, I’ll take a big salad. I definitely agree with anonymous12:16. I do not eat at Cosi anymore. I feel like crap every time I’ve eaten there, which is too bad since my office is right near the R St. location.

  • You don’t just take credit for someone else’s big salad.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @doc Nice! I agree with Costanza in that case!

  • Breadline- especially the roast beef! Or at least before the health department shut them down…

  • I’ve heard of several people getting sick from Chopt’. Eat there at your own risk.

    Sweet Green has decent salads and I prefer their Fro Yo to pinkberry, yogen fruz, and all the rest.

  • Bossman buys the office Chop’t every once in a while. I was skeptical at first, but Chop’t has really grown on me. Their salads are huge and I am definitely full after eating one. I like salad, but it usually isnt something I can eat to the point of being full. Not so at Chop’t. The asian salad is off the chains, so is the ten vegetable salad. I used to work at a deli and it turned me into a sandwich snob. I’ve been let down so many times that it is nice to eat lunch from places that do what they do right.

  • @RD, I wish more people used the word douche in general. I really feel that it is underused and quite possibly the greatest word of all time. Needless to say it is one of my all time favorite words to say along with douchebag, douchey, and douchebaggery (classic!).

  • I almost forgot, I have nothing to say about salads except I am considering going to that chain resturant (fridays or ruby tuesdays) in CH to try it out tomorrow.

  • I’m not sure I can even name ten vegetables, let alone get them all into a salad.

  • I’ve heard people in this town blame just about every salad in the city for their gastrointestinal distress, and not one of those cases actually sounded like it could be legitimately blamed on the lunch they ate.

  • actually i think that the cost of these salads is right in line with what you’d pay at any other sit-down resturant, except you get more salad and there’s no sit-down service tip required (unless you choose to tip). i really like chop’t and like that i can build my own salad. i’ve found staff to be friendly and speedy.

  • Cafe Luna 10 vegetable salad.

  • sweet green is HANDS-down the best. Love it. You can read an obsessed ode on my blog if you need further evidence of my all-out adoration of this place. Or, you can just take my word here. LOVE it.

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