Judging Restaurants – Stars Bistro & Bar


Stars is located at 2120 P Street, NW. I just found a gift card I won for this spot a while ago and am wondering what the word is here. I’m intrigued and a perhaps a bit frightened about the “Singing Servers” as mentioned on their Web site. So what’s the word – how’s the food and, of course, the singing?

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  • This place used to be Mimi’s and it was pretty much the same concept. Servers sing every half hour or something like that. Food isn’t bad, but not amazing. I really liked it a lot better when it was Mimi’s. Since it changed it’s name (I can’t remember if it changed the decor or management or what lead to the name change) it’s been kind of ehh.

  • Agreed that things have gone downhill some since the name change. Food was never great, but had been pretty good. Now it can be hit or miss. Still, not a bad place for a quick meal.

  • “Singing servers”??!?! Egad…. check, please…

  • The singer/servers are a lot of fun and corny at times but my favorite thing about Stars is their dessert! The chocolate mouse and key lime pie are fabulous.

  • saf

    When it opened, Andy Shallal (of Busboys) owned it. I think he still does.

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