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The Soul Vegetarian Cafe & Exodus is located at 2606 Georgia Ave., NW. This place seems pretty cool. The menu has some great sandwiches like “The Bob Marley Special, You’ll be Jammin’ with this avocado sandwich” ($4.50) and the “Tubman Special, Sauteed Mushroom and onions packed in a pita with fresh veggies” ($5.00) and lots more. There are also daily entrees and shakes. They are open Mon. – Sat. 11am – 9pm and on Sunday for Brunch from 11am – 3pm. Any fans out there? Recommend any specific dishes?

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  • this place rules. I believe everything is vegan. the bbq twist. the pita “cheese steaks” mmm

  • My GF is a vegetarian, so I’ve been here. The food is excellent, but the place leaves a lot to be desired (almost no seating and very inefficient service).

  • brunch! vegan breakfast burritos. so yum.

  • Amazing place! I’m non-apologetic meat eater and their food is some of the best in the District. The mac and cheese is consistently great, love the greens, and the lasagna (when available) is my favorite.

    Never had any problems with the service there and there is ample seating upstairs- it’s actually like a cool old house upstairs!

  • Warder Kid,

    Interesting you say that, as I had some of their mac and cheese at an event they were catering for in the convention center and it wasn’t too good at all. Kinda awful, actually. But, it is unfair to judge a place on their catered food alone – i’d be willing to give it another shot.

  • and “exodus”???

  • I still haven’t made it here yet, but my (nonvegan) cuz swears by the vegan mac and cheese, says it’s better than any regular he’s had.

  • i’m gonna have to agree with tony on the mac & cheese. i’m a vegetarian, and i loooove mac & cheese, and thought the mac & cheese here was rather gross (i had it at the restaurant, not catered). maybe it’s okay if you’re vegan and aren’t weirded out by the bizarre aftertaste and texture.

    the first time i tried to go (maybe 45 mins before closing on a friday night?) they were out of food.

    the second time i went, i had the aforementioned mac & cheese, some other okay veggie, and the bbq sandwich which lacked flavor. my husband (who does eat meat) had the garvey burger and some greens and was much happier w/ his meal. our service was pretty slow, too, but i think that’s b/c we got sandwiches and not food off the steam trays. anyway, i guess i just ordered wrong, but we prob won’t be going back. i’d much rather get my soul food veggies at oohs & aahs.

  • wow…i thought the mac ‘n’ cheese here was amazing…

  • Haven’t been there directly, but a while back Everlasting Life was selling slices of Soul Vegetarian’s sweet potato pie, and it was frikkkkkin’ marvelous.

  • lordscarlet

    I’m curious as to what those that loved the mac & cheese look for in a mac & cheese dish? Kraft? A quality baked mac & cheese like Saints Paradise Cafe or the aforementioned (by my wife) Oohs and Aahs. The Mac & Cheese here was just a bunch of oddly textured mush (at least the day we went).

  • lordscarlet

    Having said that, I have a vegan friend that recently transplanted to Brooklyn and he says the only thing he misses about DC is Soul Vegetarian.

  • Ugh, soul veg. If you’re wondering what the food tastes like, dump out your veggie bin, cut about 3 slices of everything regardless of freshness, throw it in the microwave for 3 minutes, slather it in BBQ sauce, and maybe put it on bread. If you want a name for it, open to a random page of any Afrocentric history book and look for something that starts with a capital letter.

    It’s a chain run by a weird, somewhat cultish group. Employment there is contingent on values more than knowing how to actually cook, serve, or keep stock on hand, hence the rather spotty service and food quality/availability. They also have a history of somewhat shady dealings w/r/t trying to use the restaurant as a recruiting base for their group. I ate at the Chicago location once with a large, racially mixed group and everyone paid separate checks via credit card. The one black woman in the group was later contacted by their recruiting team, meaning that they took the trouble to either dig up her information via her credit card or google stalk her via the name on the card. Similar stuff has been reported elsewhere. Avoid at all costs, if you want veg food prepared by religious nuts find some Hare Krishnas, at least their stuff has flavor.

  • I’ve wanted to eat here, but I’m disturbed by rumors of anti-gay literature. Is this true?

  • I checked out the place on a Sunday morning and had to wait nearly 30 mintes to get our food with a decidedly cool (almost hositle) attitude. I think posters are right about it being a Afro-centric nationalist joint. If you’re into that kind of think – knock you’reself out, but I just think the world needs a little less of this racial nationalism stuff…whether or not they make good Mac & Cheese…

  • what was it that tipped you off to the fact that they may have a radical racial agenda? The Marcus Garvey Burger?

  • But do they have rats?

  • Give the place a try, I have eaten there and the food is very good, the owners and servers were not hostile towards me. Are they Afro-centric? yes, it does not mean that they are racist. I did not see any rats, I actually checked.

  • City Paper did an article on these guys:


    Yep, they’re the ones occasionally spouting homophobic stuff at the Petworth and Columbia Heights Metro stations. Haven’t seen them out yelling with the megaphone for a while though.

  • I always thought it was the guys from Everlasting Life or whatever it’s called with the anti-gay agenda. Never heard that about Soul Vegetarian. Are you people sure about that?

  • @hoyabulldog: totally agreed.

    For one thing, the people at CH and Petworth metro rail against White people- I’ve never heard any sort of anti-gay stuff shouted and it seems that this association grows every time PoP brings up one of these “Afro-centric” places on Georgia Ave it inevitably brings out the “cult” and “homophobic” comments.

  • I wonder why I know and understand terms such as Afro-“centric”. And I also wonder why people are so quick to excuse their obvious racial hatreds.

    I dont know, maybe the downside is in 20 years when I am known as a Caucasion-American, I will be able to say things way out of line and people will just chuckle. Hopefully I will be so drunk that I wont know how offensive it is to have your actions so easily dismissed and excused.

  • get the lasagna or the mac and cheese. amazing.

  • I agree with Warder Kid Says, Anonymous Says, don’t be so hyper critical of our local extablishments on GA avenue. PoP does a good job of exposing everyone to different sections of DC,
    As always, I enjoy Anonymous Says responses to PoP Q & A.

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