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Rumba Cafe is located at 2443 18th Street., NW in Adams Morgan. I know this is a popular spot to listen to live Latin music but recently I’ve noticed lots of folks eating at the outdoor cafe in front. Here’s a list of main courses from their menu. Any fans of the restaurant? The bar? The music? What’s the best part of this spot?

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  • Same owners as Rumberos in CH, this was their first place I think. Great drinks, decent food, good atmosphere.

  • i have a coworker in our CA office who is Venezuelan and only eats here when hes in DC (i process his receipts). I figure its gotta be fairly authentic if hes eating there 4 or 5 times in a week.

  • Best mojitos in DC.

  • Good drinks, not the best food.

  • Drinks are good, food is just ok.

  • I love this place! BIG FAN!

    Dylan, the manager is a sweetheart, makes you feel like home – love him!

    BEST Pisco sour in town, although recently I discoevered that The Gibson has a pretty good version of it.

    Food is a bit overpriced but good.

    Great music on weekends.

  • great mojitos, great appetizers. it’s a personal treat to take off for this place, usually leaving the family to fend for themselves. It’s a great place. The patio can be crowded, but in the summer, the inside if often empty. Somehow reminded me a lot of small places in Peru.

  • Good salsa, and I mean Salsa music!!!

  • 1) havana village has the best mojitos in dc
    2) havana village has salsa

    3) after going there on a random Wednesday night (nothing special) for dinner w/ my girlfriend and the bill coming out to $80, i havent been back. i was still hungry! I never understood how tapas can be so small yet so expensive. thanks but i will stick with chinese tapas (dim sum), its much cheaper!

  • Often recommend Rumba to friends as a good place to take a date. If conversation slows, they can discuss the menu, decor, and the interesting Adams Morgan passersby. And always there is the ART on display! We also go there as a couple early on weekday eves and sometimes even take the kids.

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