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  • i’ve been there three times. each time it gets worse. the menu is so-so. nothing really exciting, and all of our food was rather cold and bland when it arrived at the table. that, coupled with our arrogant waiter and exorbitant prices (for what was served), helped me make the decision NEVER to return.

    oh, and it was filled with tons of old people, fwiw.

  • i meant that it was filled with old people EACH time we went.

    and i’m 40!

  • I had a very nice birthday dinner there back in January and found our waiter to be very charming and helpful given that I grew up in Colorado and don’t know a lot about seafood. The roasted beet salad was yummy as was my main course.

  • I don’t know about the crowd because I ate here during off hours but the food was amazing… best fried oysters I’ve ever had in my life.

  • The food is first rate, like everything Ann does. However, prices have risen and the atmosphere has changed a lot since it was a cozy spot in Dupont. That said, the bartenders are still great and a lot of fun to chat with! Lunch is fairly reasonable also, if you find yourself in that neck of the woods.

  • I’ve been there for celebratory meals, and it came through quite nicely. The food was as good as any I’ve had in the DC area and distinctly better than at some equally pricey seafood places. It was well worth the money.

    However, the occasion for spending that kind of money doesn’t come very often.

  • The prices have gone up, but the quality is still high. The lunch deals, particularly on the po boys, are a good value considering this is pretty high-end dining. Never had a problem with the service, and I actually prefer their gumbo to the one at Acadiana.

    I like Johnny’s much better than Hank’s Oyster Bar. My last two trips there have been expensive disappointments.

  • Johnny’s is great and the owners really do know what they’re doing – with the food as well as with how the place is run. One of the Best Bartenders in DC – Kurt – is there all the time, is just an awesome bartender and always makes their bar a great place for Happy Hour!

  • I like Johnny’s too and have always found things very good; however, if you want an oyster po boy you got to go to Acadiana.

  • Absolutely not. My fave for seafood is Oceannaire, although it’s quite a splurge.

  • I don’t know about this place, but I love taqueria nacionale next door for a cheap lunch!!!

  • Overpriced, poor service and totally unneeded in the DC restaurant world. I have eaten here twice and I will never go back. Just look at the menu online, see the prices/selection and wonder why ever go?

  • I’ve been once. Fair service, food was NOT good, prices were extremely high, and the atmosphere left something to be desired. Next time I will just go to Hank’s.

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