Judging Restaurants – Italian Pizza Kitchen


Well the Italian Pizza Kitchen opened its doors at 1110 U Street, NW last Saturday. It is rather sparse on the inside but hopefully that won’t matter if the food is good.


You can see the full menu here.

Did anyone have a chance to check them out yet? Is this going to be a good late night dining option?


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  • I had the special the order day: slice of cheese, side salad, and coke at $6.99. Good price but the pizza was not spectacular.

  • I haven’t been to the U St location yet, but the Van Ness spot is one of my favorite restaurants in DC. Always quality pizza, paninis, and salads (though they don’t sell it by the slice up here). The portabella pizza with huge cloves of garlic is consistently amazing.

  • The pizza I had was decent, the crust was crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Could have used a better sauce/cheese balance too, but I figure I gotta give them at least a month to get their act together.

  • I checked it out today. It’s just standard-issue fast food pizza, unfortunately. They don’t even use a real pizza oven, it’s one of those chain-link conveyor belt ovens. Cheap though – just $1.50 a slice.

  • I’m excited to try it out!

    I do hate their signage though — I wish back lit box signs would be banned from U Street and 9th Street.

  • I ordered a small pepperoni on Tuesday for pickup, and when arriving to pick up, I had a small cheese pizza, no pepperoni. Agree w/other comments – sauce/cheese balance heavy on cheese side, decent crust.

  • This place is AWSOME. I had a large prima pizza on 06/10 and it was YUMMMMMMMY!!! It’s by far the best pizza I’ve had in the area and will definetly come back on a regular basis. The sauce and cheese balance on the my pie was just right and the toppings were tasty! Food was so good, that I went back the next day for lunch and got their jumbo cheese slice and their wings and both were YUMMMMY, the jumbo slice was much better than what you get in Adams Morgan, you can taste the high quality ingrediants they use. The place is a bit small but super clean. They do use one of those Conveyor oven but I think that is the only way they will be able to meet the demand they will have in the near future. I was surprise to hear that they haven’t even been opened for a week, the place was operating as if it had been open for months…….THIS PLACE IS AWSOME!

  • Well, Bill;
    “Bill Says:
    June 12th, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    This place is AWSOME.” are u working for them or any relation:))) ’cause your response is way more than a response(!) smells advertisement:) LOL

  • I love their Tuscan pizza.

  • I was not overwhelmed.

  • Did this place close? I ordered for delivery the other week, and they called me back and left a message saying they couldnt deliver to my area (14th and W st.) I called back and asked the guy if they had closed the U St location. He seemed confused, but after I asked about 4 times, he said, “uh, yes, thats closed.” Seems bizarre timing. I loved their delivery pizza, I am bummed.

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