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  • $10 for a bowl of oatmeal pretty much says it all.

  • When you are a Rammy Finalist, you can charge the full price.

    Heart and soul does come with a price and it is not your neighborhood place, so let the tourist enjoy a nice meal in our City.

  • Georgia Browns has gone WAYYYYYY downhill over the years. It’s so not good anymore.

  • Sumah’s is pretty darn good if you’re looking for W. African Cuisine…the decor is pretty much nonexistent and it’s cramped inside, but the food is great (think stews with bone-in chicken, rice, etc.) and the employees are super-friendly. A bunch of my friends took a former Peace Corps guy there for his birthday, and they really rolled out the red carpet for us. They even ran to the liquor store across the street and fetched some beer for us!

  • The food at Sumah’s was tasty, but I was surprised by the prices. I think I dropped $15 for my lunch. I did have leftovers, but it’s definitely more than I budget for takeout.

  • Art and Soul is really tasty! Expensive it is, but the addition of new dishes and the creativity is great! I enjoyed my visit there.

  • I like Art & Soul because they have a menu for the pooches. I know it’s super indulgent to buy a miniature steak for the pup, but it’s nice to have that option. Their human food is pretty good too.

    Georgia Brown’s brunch is still decent (and huge!), but I’m not sure about anything else.

  • If you get a chance to go to Art and Soul, I highly recommend you try the hoecakes. Best part of the meal.

  • Thank you @monkeyrotica. That makes me feel better since the pooch’s tastes run more along the beer lines. And, lucky for us, Art & Soul also provides Bowser’s “Beer” for the pups.

  • I think the hoecakes are a nice touch as well, hos gotta eat too.

  • Re: the website copy, isn’t Chef Art the ART of Art and Soul?

  • They need to serve some Winky Dinky Dogs, too.

  • dog menu–what the fuck

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