Judging New Homes


I’m not sure exactly how “new” this home is but I’m guessing it’s relatively new. I found it in Glover Park on the 3800 block of Fulton Street, NW. I know folks aren’t huge fans of garages and curb cuts but I think it’s interesting how it lines up with the windows above. What do you think – thumbs up or down?

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  • Down. Walked by it a couple weeks ago. Looks like those disgusting tear-down/McMansion transformations in Bethesda. Generic, derivative architecture; destruction of mature shade trees; far too much pavement. Feel sorry for the neighbors. Hopefully the owner will pay through the nose when that new impermeable surfaces tax takes effect.

  • Thumbs down. I don’t think that fits in Glover Park at all.

  • Down. Way too many squares. Makes me dizzy and confused.

  • Yet another example of how much the combination of minimum parking requirements and curb cuts sucks.

  • I actually like the symmetry.

  • It looks like the house has braces.

  • All that land, and they still built a duplex? Really? Well, it’s mildy pleasant to look at NOW, but just wait till some crazy person buys one of the houses, and paints his/her side lime green with orange trim!

  • I like it? (Other than the awful curb cut)

  • Yes – would be way better with one half lime green & orange trim! I so love these pontificating postings! I’m writing about 19th century guano mining – I need some giggles.

  • Don’t know where to begin, but not sure why they sacrificed any reasonable entrance for a massive driveway with 2 car garage. Since it’s new construction, they could have easily built an attached two car garage towards the rear. Then again, judging by the front, I’m not sure they would have used any extra space to better effect.

  • The white grid on the garage doors is a bit much – they should be solid green.

  • I don’t particularly like it (I agree with Thor about too many squares making me dizzy) but it’s not terrible either. Mostly I feel as if potentially beautiful front yard space is instead pavement. If it is relatively new construction, I wonder how they got approval for the curb cuts?

  • Mcmansions don’t have Arts and Crafts trimwork or massing. I like it.

  • I like it. I’m surprised I do ’cause I generally prefer older homes to new construction but the virtual tour won me over.

  • I like it a lot! Don’t usually go for New Homes but this one has some real character. They could have built a boxy thing but opted for some nice curves!

  • I hate it so much I think they should give it to me for free.

  • I like it, It has nice detail and texture. Not a typical McMansion.

  • Love the inside, amazing attention to small stuff… A little less concrete would be a plus, though.

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