Judging Buildings – New Construction in Georgetown and a Green Roof Carriage House


The photo above is what I think is new(ish) construction in Georgetown. I think the “tower” structure in the front looks good. You?


And here’s a green roof in an alley off 14th Street on a carriage house (not exactly a carriage house but I don’t what to call it…). Here’s a proper carriage house:


Personally I think green roofs are super cool:


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  • The tower is awesome! That’s the way it should be done.

  • Is that green roof intentional, or has it just been neglected so long that crap has started growing on top of it?

  • Pop, this is a garage not a carriage house:)

  • Is that Mark Penn’s house on Q St.? What a creep.

  • Green roofs are great. I think a serious effort should be made to get more green roofs / walls all over the city. Not only do they help to conserve energy for the house but they serve to beautify the area as well. Kudos to all those that have taken the initiative already.

  • 55 Nice that was my first reaction too, but note the door and mailbox. Maybe it’s a “carriage studio”?

  • The Georgetown house is actually Bob Woodworth’s house and it’s not new. It’s part of Cooke’s Row and it was built in 1868.

  • Woodward, not Woodworth.

  • No, it’s not a garage, it’s an actual private residence. I know the guys who live there. They put the green roof in last year, I think.

  • That’s a residence?? Wow, that’s crazy. Okay, maybe it’s actually nice inside but to me it looks like, wow, you have to *really* just want to live in Georgetown but not be able to afford a proper apartment. It looks like it hardly gets any light.

  • I own and live in the garage. It is a greenroof which was feautured on PoP in an interview with Sara Murphy, formerly of dcgreeworks and now Canopy. It has grown in a lot since then and looks great, a little oasis. It’s kind of a japanese garden but does have some non-Japanese-y plants like lavender and other plants I like (like basil and tomato). mostly sedums of different varieties.

    I always wanted a true loft, not a PN Hoffman type space (which are admittedly nice) but a real industrial open loft space with industrial type finishes. Something that feels like a garage. This garage was for sale in 06 and zoned to allow residential so we bought it replaced one garage door with commercial glass. It’s VERY light inside because one whole wall is glass. The other door is a garage door and the car goes under the floor of a little loft/office space. Yeah, it looks rough because that’s the kind of “design” that appeals to me. To each his own, right?

    • This green roof’s cool. I’ve been considering something accordingly for my carriage house roof and I wonder about your underlying composition. Would you consider inviting me for a look or could we discuss?
      kyle k.

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