Judging Buildings (and Memorials)


I thought this was an interesting combination of an old building contrasted with a more modern addition and new building. The buildings to the left is the Acacia Life Insurance Building house the law firm of Jones Day, located on the 300 block of New Jersey Avenue, NW (roughly). I think the glass structure in the middle looks fantastic. The new building to the right, I believe, is available for lease. So what do you think of the look?

Incidentally I had never visited the Japanese American WWII memorial:


More photos of the memorial after the jump.



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  • silly boy. that’s the jones day law bldg, and the new bldg to the right is an expansion of their 1930s headquarters. only the bottom is for lease to some kind of retail (hopefully!)

    that’s a richard rogers’ design, and we’re lucky to have it in dc. the middle part between the two buildings are stairs and entry ways that connect the two.

  • Those buildings house the law firm of Jones Day (I think some of the floors of the building on the right are empty and for lease, though). From what I’ve heard, the glass buidling was designed by Richard Rogers (of Pompidou Center fame…or infamy, depending on your tastes).

  • poo poo!

    Are you back or is this some new poo poo?

  • elevenirving!

    it’s the same poopdee poo of many moons ago – ready and raring!

    the boards just got… boring…for a while.

  • Beautiful memorial that I had no idea existed – thanks. But I wondered who designed the “fountain” (what does one call this sort of water feature?) because it reminded me of the one outside Nat. Geographic Explorer’s hall. Just spent 10 minutes researching both the memorial and Nat. Geo websites and can find no attribution. That sucks! Artists deserve credit. The crane sculpture in the memorial is by Nina Akamu.

  • The JonesDay building (the older part) used to be some sort of government building. The front entrance, if memory serves, has stone lions and fancy-foo front stairs. The inside reminds me a lot of an older federal courthouse. I’m flabbergasted that JonesDay has the cash to expand like this…

  • For those who are interested in the design, check out this website: http://www.300nj.com/. JD is in the old Acacia Insurance Building (actually 2 buildings, one on Louisiana built in the 1930s, and one on 1 St. built in the 1950s), as well as in floors 2-4 of the new Richard Rogers glass building. POP – you failed to capture the best picture, which is of the inside of the atrium. The central “tree” was designed to facilitate movement between the old and new buildings. If you are in to modern architecture, it’s a fantastic space.

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