Judging Buildings – King William


I’ve always been struck by this building located at Leroy and Connecticut Ave., NW. Perhaps it is just the colors or the sign out front consistently advertising “14 Luxury Apartments”. As self proclaimed royalty myself, the name – King William – also resonates with me. What do you think about the building itself?

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  • It looks like it was pretty nice when it was built. Now half of the windows have been boarded over, and others replaced with smaller lites and cheap, tacky wood infill, and the retaining wall on Connecticut Avenue looks like the barriers used on interstates to isolate sound from cheap suburban tract homes.

    I guess its better than what would be there if it was torn down though.

  • I’d like to see inside. All these virtual tours have spoiled me!

  • those new windows are simmered in weaksauce

  • hahahhahahaha, that was hilarious. Can I use that, Eric?

  • yes please, i am on a mission to popularize that phrase!

  • I like the way the little green awning at the top continues the circular part of the building all the way to the top…It’s like a little hat!

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