Judging Backs of Rowhouses and Pop Ups


We’ve actually monitored the progress on this home across from Cardozo HS on Clifton. I just noticed that the back of this home is pretty sweet. It’s an interesting back addition. A reader last week suggested I also take photos of the front of “judging backs of rowhouses”. So I was surprised to see this was a pop up we had viewed a while ago.


So what do you think of the back? The pop up? Any supporters?

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  • Ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly!!!!

  • Taken on it’s own the back is fairly interesting as a modern design (though I’m not a fan of the brown color). The atrocity is being able to see that from the front! It looks like someone dropped the Dwell Home from a helicopter and it happened to land on Columbia Heights.

  • Historic district… just say yes, lest this continue to happen

  • I kinda like the pop-up, despite it all. But, there’s something wrong with the white painted trim and black third floor. Like the pants don’t match the shirt. Or, the belt doesn’t match necktie…

  • There should have been a modest attempt to have the front pop-up blend in with the surrounding architecture. I seem to recall someone telling me that the building permit process for additions requires neighbor approval. If I was living on either side of this house I would be quite reluctant to sign-off. Is this mean or doing the neighborhood a service?

  • I’m usually not a fan, but the rear of this pop up is awesome, except for the block glass wall. Willing to bet it’s a bathroom, which might not be so bad on the inside (especially if covered with large etched glass panel).

    The front . . . I’m not as sure. The balcony (is it even a balcony?) looks out of place, but it doesn’t dwarf its neighbors on the facade as much as some pop ups. Maybe its the angle shown here.

    It doesn’t make me want to vommit, which I guess is the highest compliment I can pay a pop up addition.

  • The back is much cooler looking than the front, but the front was definitely made to take advantage of the the view, and what a killer view you get on clifton. Looks like there is one great rooftop deck, the perfect place to watch fireworks on the 4th.

  • I actually really like this and think it’s a thoughtfully modern integration with the classic rowhouse. Also like the color. All around well done

  • I think it is appropriately subdued in the front and gives prominence to the “historic” house. i’m glad it doesn’t hopelessly try to blend in with the rest of the building/streetscape like a lot of these try to do.

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