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I got some good juice for ya. It seems the folks behind Marvin (14th and U) are becoming the Joe Englert (developer of many H Street, NE bars/restaurants) of the U Street neighborhood. The latest I’ve heard is that they have purchased the old Cue Bar located at 1115 U St, NW. I hear this spot will become a bar/dance spot.

Additionally I heard they purchased the vacant lot located right next door to Marvin on 14th Street just north of U. Not sure what that will become but I’m guessing it’ll be a bar/restaurant of some sort.

Good news?


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  • I wonder how much the Ellington residents are into dancing.

  • I guess the only way to make money in retail these days is to open a bar.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    From the twitter world Brightest Young Things says:

    “we hear the lot next to marvin is going to be a caribbean bar/restaurant. teeny and awesome.”

  • i thought you already reported that location next to marvin is going to be a high end jamaican restaurant.

  • When is someone. ANYONE. going to become the Joe Englert of Mount Pleasant. all I want is ONE restaurant that is truely good on MTP street. Yes I know Haydees is a fun place to get a tecate with lime and some taquitos. but it is not GOOD. Tonic for wings and football sure but it is not GOOD. Adams for some bip? fine. But this is DC. tons of stellar restaurants and not a ONE on MTP street. Open a DR Granvilles on MTP. instant success. just sayin. someone get their act together and open something.

  • Why is this restaurant dedicated to The Germs?

  • 9:34- your definition of good is unclear. Radius isn’t “good?” Tonic isn’t “Good?” you compare Adams and Tonic in one post? Not sure where you’re headed.

    Do you mean a hipster restaurant- the only kind Englert opens? is that your definition of good? then I would agree that MtP is in need of one. Do you mean a high quality restaurant? I’d also like to see that happen. But those are two different things.

  • No anon! No! Mt. Pleasant should stay the way it is. U Street and Adams Morgan are close enough, not to mention the new stuff @ 14th and Irving. Just let Mt. Pleasant keeps its old world charm.

  • Neener. Im sorry you and so many other posters on here are so offended by people who wear western shirts. they dont bother me (and im what you would call a yuppie). And I would argue that DR Granvilles is good. whether its hipster oriented or not.
    As for Joe. I asked that someone show some dedication to MTP in the way he has for H street. not that someone open a sideshow – minigolf bar here. though that would be fine by me too really. A good restaurant I think is one with 1st rate food. not blah food with a side of charm.
    And Fiery Nuggs. if you havent noticed. keeping MTP behind the times is not sustainable. In that the demographics are changing and the enduring thrifts and dollar stores, and bodegas, and laundrys you think give the hood character will continue to close. and the number of vacancies in MTP will continue to rise. so the question is how to attract appealing tenants. and the more we shun change and investment. the more likely that independent investors that know DC will stay away. and eventually these storefronts will become. fedex kinkos. rite aid. and panera bread. and this is why MTP needs to change its tune. MTP is going to change whether you like it or not. question is how. Room 11 was supposed to open on MTP street but they avoided it because they knew the oposition there would be. We are missing out on quality change.

  • “Just let Mt. Pleasant keeps its old world charm”

    If by old world charm you mean shuttered business blight, then your opposition to change is right on the money!
    Tonic, Radius and Haydees are fine (well the latter two anyway…) but they are not GOOD restaurants. I agree, a decent sit-down place like Granvilles would do extremely well in Mt. P, and potentially be the pickup the neighborhood needs to start attracting some more successful businesses.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @eric in ledroit – ah I think you may be right, that is Patty Boom Boom but it’s not going into the vacant lot. So disregard the Twitter comment from above.

    Also for the Mt. P folks – stay tuned – there’s a big post about this coming up at 11am today.

  • There’s one reason why Mount Pleasant is in such a sorry state these days, and her initials are LC. Has she moved back to MtP yet, or is she still (illegally) lording over the neighborhood from Cleveland Park?

  • Neener. Im sorry you and so many other posters on here are so offended by people who wear western shirts.

    What in the world are you talking about? I cannot make any sense of your post. People wear Western shirts in MtP all the time, there’s freaking EL WEST fercrissakes!

  • Tonic, Radius and Haydees are fine (well the latter two anyway

  • Laurie is still in Cleveland Park. and from what I hear she now lays claim to BOTH neighborhoods. But then other members of Lauries MTP Neighborhood Alliance live in Columbia Heights. So the whole group should be barred from any MTP meetings.

  • Neener, don’t be a dick.

    Tonic, Radius and Haydees are fine (well the latter two anyway

  • Agreed with the pro-new restaurant Mt. P crowd. When everyone mentions the same two restaurants and then mentions that they’re pretty weak, you have a problem. I know of three or four vacant spots that could house something great (or even… good).

  • …bringing this back to U Street….how about some decent restaurants that don’t charge an arm and a leg. I would love to have Radius somewhere on U. I’m not a big fan of overpaying when I go to restaurants, and while I understand that the decor and other intangible “vibe”-type things justify the prices at Marvin, Policy, etc., I would love to see some understated “normal” places slinging out decent food at decent prices.

  • “normal” places on u? go to Utopia. Or 24/7 Mediterranean. Or the Saloon. Just off the top of my head

  • Agree with Utopia as a “normal place.” I would also add Ulah bistro and alero to that based on price of entree. The Saloon has always disappointed me with their food (though the beer selection makes up for it). 24/7 is a glorified take out joint; much like Old City cafe, except the food at 24/7 is far inferior. I do wish there was a good burger joint (I’d take a Five Guys) on U.

  • Not really a fan of Marvin or the philosophy behind it.. this news makes me sad for U st and DC in general..

  • there’s a philosophy behind marvin?

  • what is the philosphy behind marvin? to sell Stella at 8 bucks a pint? lol

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Folks have started emailing about the word that the people behind Marvin are also looking into Petworth. Indeed – I posted about that in Feb.:

  • that’s the philosophy behind every nice bar in this city.

  • You guys forget that Joe Englert was the Joe Englert of U Street before he went on to other neighborhoods. He was one of the original backers of State of the Union and I think he had a piece of the Andalusian Dog as well.
    As far as Marvin goes, and I confess that I DJ there, I think they’ve opened the perfect restaurant for U Street. Great food and a respect for the history of the neighborhood. Do I wish their beers were a little cheaper, sure, but that’s a minor quibble.
    I used to work at State of the Union when it first opened and it was the only bar on U Street besides Pollys and I really like the way which locally grown businesses (for the most part) have filled in the vacant lots near 14th and U. In a perfect world all the restaurants/bars would be yummy, cheap and locally owned but I think the neighborhood has done a pretty good job getting the balance right.

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