Irony – Real Estate Firm Loses Lease


Notice the sign in the front window. Long and Foster lost their lease in Woodley Park at the corner of Connecticut and Calvert. That is a prime location, hopefully something good goes in there. L&F fans don’t be too worried, they have a building across the street.

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  • I’ve always looked at that corner and wondered why there wasn’t a bigger or better building on that corner. It’s a prime location for a restaurant, and it’s only one story while all the neighbors are two or three. It’s also across the street from the metro so it would make sense to have higher density there.

  • No offense to Long & Foster but… good. That office belong in an office building somewhere, or on the second or third floor of a rowhouse, not a prime Woodley Park corner. Hopefully something moves in that will activate that corner.

  • My money is on a Starsucks…high visibility corner, the only other one is in the Wardman (and the Adams Morgan one and Zoo one are miles away by Starbucks standards)…

  • i don’t think *bucks is in an expansion mode at the moment, AM, and they announced last month they are closing the zoo location.

  • If you ask me, even the boringness that is a real estate office was better than another Starbucks.

  • The zoo Starbucks is staying, it’s the Cleveland Park one that is closing down.

  • Strip club!

  • Not surprised, as I’d walk by it all the time on my way to Tono Sushi. It was always empty.

  • Peet’s

  • @Toby, ironically, a sales manager of a real estate office wants an empty office. Theoretically, it means everybody is out on appointments. (You will rarely find me sitting at my desk.)

  • that office never made sense, given that L&F has the entire building across the street on the SE corner of that intersection.

  • saf

    Before it was Long & Foster, it was an EXPENSIVE antique store.

  • A five-story residential building on this corner is up for zoning approval next week, I believe.

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