I seriously Respect This Effort


I’m always impressed by folks who go the extra effort for no personal gain. Someone found a bike and decided to post signs to find the owner. I think this is part of what makes a neighborhood/community great.


And finally a condo/apartment name that I like. Kinda reminds me of the simple brilliance of the Irving.

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  • Oh, that’s mine! Description…hmmmm. Uh … it’s got wheels. 2 of ’em. And handlebars, yeah handlebars. Oooh and it has brakes, yup definitely got brakes. And, uh, err, a chain. Yeah. OK, I’ll be by this afternoon to pick it up. Thanks!

  • Ugh, good for you for looking at the bright side, but to me, a great community is one where your bike doesn’t get stolen in the first place.

  • Where would that be? Mayberry?

  • My bike was locked on my front porch and someone came up and cut the lock and stole it on Tuesday morning… I wonder how long that sign has been up..

  • I’ve seen front porches literally dismembered to steal bikes. You can’t leave them out there. Gotta bring them in. Your bike’s only safe inside your home or locked up with a big-a** U lock to something very secure, and even then, not for too long. I’ve seen kids walking around Columbia Heights with 3′ bolt cutters. It’s just the way it is.

  • A glock would help solve the issue with these blk and wetback punks

  • Yeah, it really pisses me off. I knew that in theory my lock wasn’t super strong and that the porch isn’t a great spot for my bike (I usually bring it inside, up the stairs). I just had a ton of stuff to carry when I got home and thought the odds of someone walking up to my house with a bolt cutter by the time I went to ride it to work were pretty low, I guess. It’s not like I didn’t know that someone could have cut my lock if they really wanted to, I just didn’t imagine someone would come up onto my porch and, in plain view of everyone on the street/sidewalk, cut my lock and steal my bike the next day before I got it … I haven’t really learned anything new from this, except now I will have more of an appreciation for the true odds that some criminal will walk around my block with a bolt cutter.

    Now I’m almost embarrassed to tell people that my bike was stolen because people will think I’m dumb for leaving my bike outside with a lock that could be cut… I’m also kind of mad that someone steals from me, yet I’m the one who is feeling stupid.

  • Shawn: I’m really sorry for your loss. I’m of the mind that bike thieves should be treated like horse thieves back-in-the-day. Hopefully others can learn from this. Get a really damn strong lock; Kryptonite or OnGuard and realize you have to spend over $50 for something decent. And no locking up outside overnight. I don’t care how nice folks think their neighborhood is, or how well their neighbors look out for each other, or how their backyard has a nice big ‘security’ fence. Bikes just don’t belong outside overnight. Other random tips: Metro stops, movie theaters and Union Station are super-high targets for theft since the thieves know you’ll be gone for a significant period of time and can ‘work’ on breaking your lock. And finally – no one will EVER interfere in someone breaking a lock. True story: I lost the key for my lock somewhere while at the border’s books downtown. I went to Logan hardware and bought a hacksaw and a few extra blades and spent almost an hour at around 5pm on a weekday cutting away. A few hundred people walked past me and not a single person said a word to me. Cops walked by, couriers rode by, and not a person even said ‘hey is that your bike?’.

    Also PoP, is there a way to ‘flag’ comments like the bigot above?

  • I found a chick’s wallet and called around to give it back. I called her folks house and left a message before I found one of her cards with her local number. She came and got it the next day.

    A month later she starts calling me b/c she lost her sweater. Then she lost something else and called me. Seems her parents gave her the message I left and she just started calling me whenever she lost something. Really made me regret picking her stupid wallet up. At the very least it made wish I had kept the 4 crummy dollars in her wallet.

    The calls finally ended when the phone company and I had a falling out and I canceled my land line.

  • nice… now we have folks using other people’s names . I didn’t write that^

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