House on 16th and T Streets, NW Saved from Demolition


A couple weeks ago we discussed this home at 16th and T which faced demolition due to apparent owner neglect. Hat tip to IMGoph for highlighting the news on twitter. The Examiner reports:

“The D.C. government has agreed to pay to stabilize a historic, million-dollar Dupont Circle row house that the private owners let deteriorate until it partially collapsed a year ago. The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs will spend $225,000 to ensure the house at 1841 16th St. NW doesn’t fall to the ground, agency Director Linda Argo said Tuesday.

…the owners, must reimburse taxpayers for the stabilization work or hire their own contractor to take over the job, DCRA officials said.”

Great news, yeah? Think the taxpayers will actually be reimbursed?

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  • I am sure DC will put a lein on the house in the amount of the repairs. They will have to.

    DC never lets individuals get away with not paying taxes and the like. That privilege is reserved for huge corporations.

  • in the end, just get the house out of the hands of the current owners and into the hands of people who will take care of the building, i say. if they do that, eventually the amount of tax money the city gets from the property will be worth it!

  • Yeah, great news! With the enormous budget deficit DC is facing, I’d say it’s the perfect time for the government to start investing in poorly maintained real estate!

    Wait, did I say ‘invest’? That would imply that there is a potential to make a profit. Since DC is seeking ‘reimbursement’ what I should have said is,”…it’s the perfect time to start handing out interest free loans to people who don’t bother to take care of their property!”

    Way to go DC!!!

  • i was reading the owners are professors at GW? how do a couple of College professors let something like this happen? appauling. If you are too lazy or dont have the funds to keep up with the house then sell it to someone who will!

  • “DC never lets individuals get away with not paying taxes and the like. That privilege is reserved for huge corporations.”

    Don’t forget churches! Yay, no taxes!

  • Everyone on this site is so negative. Smile why dont ya. This is good news.

  • I’m with anonymous…this is GOOD news! I lived across from that building for 11 years, it would be criminal to see it demolished! Surely there is a contractor willing to buy it out…even in these financial times! It’s the U Street District, after all!

  • I third the good news sentiment! There HAS been so much negativity on PoP lately. Let’s try to focus on the positive.

  • A number of years back, Baltimore bought up whole blocks of deteriorating houses and sold them at amazingly low prices to people IF the buyers did all the work necessary to bring them up to speed. Of course, many folks bought the houses and did the work, then tried to resell them at Georgetown prices. Then the real estate bubble burst. But Baltimore didn’t get stuck. It was the greedy buyers. Baltimore still has an active program to improve some very fine old houses and neighborhoods. Nothing like that here in DC. Why not?

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