House of the Day (Reader Request, Now to be Known as RR)

DSCN0437, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Awesome call. The reader writes of this house on Longfellow between 2nd and 3rd Streets NW:

“From what I could tell driving by, its a red brick house, but they’ve painted the mortar a vivid blue, then on the trim, they’ve put lots of small blue and white dots. Overall, it has a very Caribbean feel to it. And a nice “welcome” sign above the door.”


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  • Wow. Looks like someone had an awful lot of time on their hands and maybe a touch of OCD.

  • Criminal

  • It’s odd but it kind of picks up your mood just to see it.

  • Love it! Very Caribbean and happy!

  • Horiffic, but i do laugh every day as i pass it on the way to work.

  • Looks like the work of a crazy mind.

  • Too funny! I just only saw this house for the first time on Monday night, when I was driving back from “rescuing” my stranded husband at the NY Ave metro station.

  • Why oh why would anyone want to spend the time to paint mortar joints blue! I feel sorry for the neighbors that have to look at this every day.

  • I like it! The people who live here have fun with life. And if they are going to be there for a while, then good for them. Personally, I’d rather look at individuality (in well-kept houses) than boring copycat houses…, that’s one reason why I’m here instead in a townhouse community with a homeowner’s association.

  • Oh, shoot, i wanted to send this one in!

    I like it, a nice unexpected take on a row house. I love that someone would take the time to paint it like that.

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