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  • These corner houses can be pretty sweet. But like a lot of them it looks like this one has no backyard.

  • Glad to see this house featured! I walk by here every day and they deserve great props for the house and yard. It always looks good.

  • If only they would get rid of that fence….

  • Yeah… nice house, but if only everyone could get together and get rid of all the chain link fences.

  • Interesting question. If you want a fence, what’s the best style? Chain link fence seems a little harsh, but you can see through it pretty well. A picket fence means you can’t see this guy’s lush lawn.

  • @Andy – wrought iron or aluminum fence. I’ve never seen this house in petworth but I really like the paint colors. I find it interesting how far that fence is in from the retaining wall.

  • PoP, PoP, PoP…you always show us these beauties and forget to let us know the vicinity.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @anon – I said it was in Petworth! 🙂 It’s off New Hampshire Ave I think at Taylor.

  • It is on 7th at Taylor nw.

  • Saw this house yesterday when I was on the 64, it is very nice. I even like the green house next to it with the green awnings, and I normally don’t like awnings.

  • Thank you for the posotive reinforcement! Landscaping is a form of art and this is a little touch of what I do for a living with my company, Somerset Landscaping Company. It is so nice to know that people appreciate other peoples creativity. I will work on the fence. THANK YOU!

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